Zoë Kravitz and Catwoman’s fighting style in The Batman: “We saw lions and cats”


cat woman is one of the Night Knight’s quintessential villains and has been portrayed on the big screen before by great actresses such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry Yes Anne Hathaway. Either way, this character had action sequences where he demonstrated his feline ability to fight even the fiercest of his opponents. Selina Kyle never gives up.

Graphic novels are a more entertaining backdrop for explaining how it comes to be that a 55-pound woman is a threat to a man inside a costume that is real armor and even protects him from guns. . In this case, Zoe Kravitz, the interpreter in charge of cat woman in The batman, explained how they developed the character’s fighting style for Bat Man’s upcoming entry.

Catwoman’s fighting style

“We saw cats and lions fighting. We talk about what’s possible when you’re my size and Batman is so much stronger. What are my abilities? Be quick and witty! We did some interesting ground work incorporating different martial arts such as capoeira and feline movements which can be considered a dance “, remarked the actress about the fighting style that we will see her deploy in The batman.

She worked alongside stunt coordinator Rob Alonzo to make things believable and praised her work. Regarding his choreography, he said: “It’s not just cartwheels that a person couldn’t do. It takes into account where we are in the story and the emotional element of the characters. It was great fun to work from there. “

The various advances of The batman suggest a romantic approach between the Dark Knight, played by Robert pattinson, and this mysterious woman who disguises herself as a feline to break the law: cat woman (Zoe Kravitz). In the trailers, she tells the hero that she knows how to take care of herself and wonders who the man behind the mask is. Another chapter in the history of these mythical figures of contemporary cinema.

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