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As most gear up for winter, the Portlandians are only getting stronger. Portland in winter means cozy afternoons in your neighborhood bookstore or cafe while listening to the sound of raindrops crackling outside. That means hikes in Forest Park where you can get sunk anytime you want, but somehow seem to be timing perfectly before the rain starts. That means trips to Mount Hood where you can ski all day in three major ski areas and easily return to Portland for happy hour prices at local breweries. Winter in Portland also means more restaurant availability to enjoy the root vegetables of the season in the best places in the city.

Some of our favorite things to do on a rainy day include …

Restaurants with seasonal menus:

  • The menu at Quaitrelle, a cozy restaurant with exquisite cuisine perfect for all occasions, changes seasonally with local ingredients. Chef Ryley Eckersley takes all the best deals of each season and turns them into beautiful plates, expertly paired with one of the delicious cocktails from their seasonally inspired cocktail menu.
  • Located behind One day PDX, Ruthie’s food cart serves a seasonal menu inspired by recipes from co-owner Collin Mohr’s grandmother, Ruthie, and local ingredients. You’ll find pickles, jams and preserves throughout the menu, using pickling and canning techniques inspired by his grandmother.
  • The newly opened menu Wild north is built around durability and full flavor profiles. All the ingredients are fully integrated into the menu so nothing is wasted. With dishes cooked exclusively on a wood-fired grill, the menu changes seasonally to present new offerings based on what’s fresh and local.

Make yourself comfortable in a bookstore:

  • Open in June 2021, black property Third Eye Books is the premier provider of Africa-centric books, accessories and gifts to the Portland metro area. Owners Michelle Lewis and Charles Hannah curated a large selection of stimulating bestsellers and lesser-known books, working to raise community awareness about Africa-centric books and anti-racist literature.
  • A visit to Portland is complete without a trip to Powell’s books, the largest independent bookstore in the world which just celebrated its 50e anniversary in 2021. Its flagship store in Portland’s Pearl District takes up an entire city block, offering 68,000 square feet of used, new, rare and out-of-print books. To celebrate this milestone, Powell’s Books published its 50 pounds for 50 years. The collection is a self-reflective curation reminding everyone to “act as a mirror and a beacon”. The perpetual book recommendations at Powell’s Books, however, come from the beloved “staff choice” cards seen in the aisles – each card is like a personal note from a Portlander. Welcome to our city and the books we read here.

Breweries + urban tasting rooms:

  • Located inside The shops at 10 years old, Oregon’s first black winemaker, Bertony Faustin, took the opportunity to build outside the traditional wine country with the opening in July 2020 of Crick PDX. Serving Abbey Creek wine from Faustin’s White Plains, a visit to this hip-hop-themed tasting room is sure to brighten up any winter day in Portland.
  • George Johnson, Founder, Head Brewer and Built Pizza Maker Blending Brewing on a dream of a neighborhood craft brewery that caters to customers aged 21 and over. With his Detroit roots, exclusive batter recipe, and affordable craft beer, Johnson, the first African American to own and operate a brewery in Oregon, welcomes visitors to the up-and-coming Foster-Powell neighborhood. .
  • Open in July 2021, Brewing Steplejack is perhaps one of the most amazing breweries to have opened in Portland in the past year, occupying a magnificent 110-year-old church known for its ornate steeple, long history, and incredible stained-glass windows. Guests enjoy an extensive beer and lager menu complemented by fine pub food while dining on traditional pews.

Outdoor activities – rain or shine:

  • With 70 miles of trails, aptly named Forest park is a popular getaway for runners, horse riders and hikers. Located in the northwest corner of the city, this 13 km-long reserve is one of the largest city parks in the country and provides a respite from city life for locals and visitors alike. Explore the popular Macleay Park and Wildwood trails, both of which wind around the famous Pittock Mansion.
  • Fit the hood sits in the Pink City footprint, providing an abundant winter playground just 90 minutes from downtown. For skiing and snowboarding, Mount Hood Meadows, Mt. Hood Skibowl, and Timberline are great options. Cross-country ski and snowshoe trails zigzag the mountain, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to reconnect with nature while browsing the well-maintained trails. Those who prefer to sled or snow tube can experience cosmic tubes at Snow Tube & Adventure Park in Skibowl.
  • Visit Multnomah Falls in winter, when gray days keep the crowds at bay, unlike the summer season when parking is almost impossible to find. As Oregon’s tallest waterfall, Multnomah Falls is just 30 miles east of downtown Portland along the historic Columbia River Highway, with viewing platforms wheelchair accessible and steep hiking trails that lead to the top.

Winter in Portland also brings some of the lowest hotel rates of the year, both downtown and in certain areas of the city. newest hotels on the east side. So grab your raincoat and get ready for a winter weekend in Portland like the locals do. Forgot your raincoat? Local stores Shower pass, Columbia Sportswear and RAINS did you cover. Otherwise, check out MadeHerePDX for high quality weather resistant jackets made locally by local manufacturers such as Ginew, Kiriko and SAVAGE. Of course everything Portland purchases are zero-rated.


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