Why Riddler’s Social Media Plays Such A Big Role In His Puzzles


The Riddler uses Gotham City’s social media to communicate with and taunt the Dark Knight in The Batman and movie boss Matt Reeves explains why.

The Batman Director and writer Matt Reeves explained why the Riddler uses social media to communicate instead of more traditional methods.

“As for the social media aspect, it was really important to me that while Gotham isn’t New York or Chicago or any particular city, I wanted you to feel like wow, this is a place than we’ve ever been before, but it absolutely looks like an iconic American city,” Reeves said at a press conference attended by CBR. “A really corrupt and messy place. I wanted this to really be our world.”

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Make Gotham City The Batman part of our world is what got Reeves thinking about social media. “While I was doing that, I thought okay, so he wouldn’t write to the Chronicle like Zodiac did. He would start using social media, because that’s what it would be, and that idea kind of viral communication, I just wanted it to be part of our world. That’s kind of how it happened,” Reeves explained.

This isn’t the first time comparisons have been drawn between Paul Dano’s Riddler and the Zodiac Killer. A true serial killer who was active in the late 60s, Zodiac has never been caught or identified. His nickname comes from a series of letters, often coded, that he sends to regional newspapers. The codes threatened more murder and destruction and some of them have yet to be cracked.

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The similarities between the real-life Zodiac, Riddler, and their puzzles are intentional, Reeves said. “The premise of the movie is that the Riddler is kind of cast in a sort of almost Zodiac Killer fashion, and kills some very important people in Gotham, and they’re the pillars of society,” Reeves explained. He added that the Riddler’s actions led Batman and Commissioner Jim Gordon to try and follow the clues to catch the killer and prevent any further murders.

According to lead actor Robert Pattinson, his Batman/Bruce Wayne detective side is central to the film. From his first meeting with Reeves, The Batman was touted as leaning on the “world’s greatest detective” moniker and Pattinson confirms that was true for the storyline. “It’s a crime movie,” Pattinson said. “It happens all the time in graphic novels, but it’s always kind of on the back burner in the movies.”

The Batman released on March 4.

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