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“What’s going on at the Whitefield Library?” you ask.

It’s been an amazing summer as we’ve learned to operate our beautiful new library space, serve our growing client population, and keep the energy “high” with our vibrant weekly children’s program.

As we make the leap into fall, it looks like the exciting work our fantastic volunteers have been doing isn’t going to stop anytime soon. We are gearing up for our fourth annual Fall Festival fundraiser on Saturday, October 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

There will once again be rowdy music by local favorite Rusty Hinges, free games, pumpkin crafts and painting for the kids, raffle prizes, lots of delicious pastries, chili, the delicious cider from Bailey’s Orchard and popcorn for sale. There will be a used book sale with a table featuring Stephen King novels in the spirit of Halloween!

All of you gardeners will once again want to pick up our beautiful heirloom bulbs for fall planting, and don’t forget this will be everyone’s first chance to purchase the Whitefield Library Calendar. It’s awesome ; just like last year and it’s a great Christmas present. Come to the library on Saturday, join in the fun and support the library. All donations will help support our operating expenses.

Another great news to share is that we have “listened” to our customers. Do you remember our summer survey? One of your overwhelming responses was that we needed to add another day (a slightly more convenient day for customer use), so we’ve added Wednesdays 1:30-6pm to our opening hours.

With much appreciation to our new Library Administrator, Shawn Gallagher, and the volunteers, we are able to offer our community one more day open and different hours that could accommodate more completely. We hope our community will take full advantage of this extra day and longer hours.

Growth is what we are doing right now at Whitefield Library. The generous grant from the American Library Association enabled us to create two important staffing positions. We will be working very hard throughout the year to establish permanent funding for these positions.

The possibility of adding two part-time positions changes the way we can operate our library. On the first day, Shawn dove into researching other rural libraries in Maine to begin to understand how they better serve their communities. He helped us create and redesign policies that will allow us to operate more efficiently, and he joined our efforts to become part of the Maine State Library network.

Shawn’s efforts bring us much closer to that goal. We feel very fortunate to have his energetic force at the center of the management of our library.

The second position, held by Emma Nelson, our new Children’s Program Coordinator, has brought a lot of enthusiastic energy to the sometimes quiet library this summer. Becoming a child again and being able to visit Mrs. Emma every Saturday morning in the library would be a thousand times more beautiful.

October is full of “delights” that you won’t want your child to miss. Spiders, fall leaves, hibernation are just a few topics shared at story time this month.

On Saturday, October 22, Halloween Craftacular takes place between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. This event is recommended for ages 4 to 10. Come craft spooky objects that include witches, monsters, ghosts, skeletons and bats. Of course, there will also be spooky and healthy snacks.

We are always looking for volunteers. We need your support to help us in so many functions as we continue to spread our wings, create a “library” and renovate our beloved building. We assure you that training to become one of our librarians is easy, rewarding and fun.

We would also like to have a program coordinator who could organize some adult programs for us, such as an author chat, a book club or a cribbage match. We have many “helpers”, but we need an “organizer”. Isn’t it time to help us? Please contact Julie, our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] or call the office when we are open.

Stop whenever you see our “open” flag flying. We appreciate your help and are proud to show you our library. We serve all residents of not only Whitefield, but our neighbors in Windsor, Somerville, Jefferson, Alna and Pittston free of charge.

Become a free library member, grab your library card, borrow our books, bring the family to story time, join our volunteers and help us grow. Our contact is: 1 Arlington Lane, Whitefield, PO Box 5, Whitefield, ME 04353; call 549-0170, email [email protected] or visit whitefieldlibrary.org.

We are very grateful for all the generous support we continue to receive.


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