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As a longtime reader of several books and stories at once, I have devised a juggling system that involves always having a mix of printed books and literary journals that I can smell, touch and turn, along with at least one digital book or story on my phone that I can read anytime, anywhere. While I was recently waiting for my next library reservation to become available, I found myself scrolling through my Kindle app, looking for a title to help me out immediately. What I discovered was a concept that just might change my reading life forever: Amazon Original Stories.

I had found a gold mine of short, easy-to-digest books from authors I already loved, authors I expected to read, and authors I didn’t know but were curious to read. Best of all, since I’m an Amazon Prime member, they were all free. I started by downloading Jacqueline Woodson. Then I spotted a story by Naima Coster. And others by Curtis Sittenfeld, Kiley Reid and Yiyun Li. Suddenly I couldn’t stop. Where had Amazon Original Stories been all my life?

Once my titles were downloaded, I was interested in the details. What exactly is the Amazon Original Stories platform? How did it start and why? For those of you as excited about this discovery as I am, here is what I learned about Amazon Original Stories and the benefits for readers and authors.

What is the Amazon Original Stories platform?

Amazon Original Stories is an imprint of Amazon Publishing that publishes a variety of fiction and non-fiction works designed to be read in one sitting. Its mission, as described by its editorial director, Julia Sommerfeld, Editor’s Weekly – is to “champion the stories, essays and reporting of the best storytellers of our time and bring unforgettable new voices to Prime and Kindle Unlimited members”. According to Forbes, the imprint, which was launched in 2017, releases 40 to 50 new coins each year.

Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited members can access each digital story and accompanying audio edition for free. All other customers can purchase tracks for $ 1.99 each with the option to add the audio version for free. All audio editions feature a range of carefully curated narrators, including, as Sommerfeld told Forbes, the authors themselves, other award-winning authors and writers, as well as some celebrities, such as actress Samira Wiley. and singer Lea Salonga.

How to Access Original Amazon Stories

Whether or not you are a Prime or Kindle Unlimited member, I recommend that you begin your research on the Amazon Home Page Original Stories, where you will find all the collections and categories presented in one place. From there, simply download them to your Kindle device or Kindle app and start enjoying them.

What you will find


An Amazon Original Stories collection is a group of works (fiction, non-fiction, or a mixture of both) by various authors around a single theme. For example, “CashPresents eight fictional stories addressing “the battles over money, class, privilege – and social distance”.

Screenshot of the original Amazon stories
The “Currency” collection includes stories from Cristina Henríquez, Yiyun Li, Kiley Reid, Jia Tolentino and others.

Like “Currency”, the stories of the collection “The one“share a theme – the path to finding the perfect match – but are all non-fiction instead of fiction.

screenshot of Amazon origin stores
Some of the true stories in this collection are written by fiction writers like Naima Coster, Jacqueline Woodson, and Jess Walter.

On the other hand, the “Offline“The collection comprises a mix of works of fiction and non-fiction, each depicting ‘women on the verge of a breakthrough’.

screenshot of the original Amazon stories
“Out of Line” includes stories from Roxanne Gay, Lisa Ko and others.

While most collections feature a variety of authors, “Nothing like i imagined (Except Sometimes) “features six stories from writer Mindy Kaling, who explores her life as a single mother.

Screenshot of the original Amazon stories


Unlike collections, serials present several connected works by the same author. “House of Ravens”By Lisa Unger, for example, is a four-part series about a group of friends whose shared secret begins to catch up with them many years later. “New blood», A trilogy by writer Andrew Barrer, tells the story of post-millennials who discovered the fountain of youth.

Featured Singles

As the name suggests, the singles are stand-alone works in a mix of genres and include works by literary superstars such as Tom Perotta and David Sedaris, among other authors.

How to appreciate them

Once you’ve downloaded your titles, simply send them to your device or Kindle app and they’ll appear in your library. If you have an audio version in addition to the digital copy, you can easily switch between them and pick up where you left off.

How they benefit authors

In his interview with Forbes, Sommerfeld described Amazon Original Stories as “a playground for published authors, storytellers and emerging voices.” The imprint offers its star authors many exciting opportunities, both creative and financial.

Creatively, many of the featured authors explore genres for which they are not best known. For example, Jacquelyn Woodson and Naima Coster, both known for their fiction, each contributed non-fiction works in the “The One” collection.

Through these stories, authors can also interact differently with new and existing readers. The imprint provides a platform for authors to reach readers who might not have discovered them otherwise, helping to increase sales of authors’ previous books and generate pre-orders of their upcoming works. Contributing to Amazon Original Stories also allows authors to stay connected to their existing fans between posts.

How they benefit readers

If you’re like me, finding something short but rewarding among the books in the library is reason enough to celebrate. But there are plenty of other reasons you’ll want to add these stories to your rotation.

First of all, it’s a great way to read an author you don’t know or try a different genre than you used to. The experience will not take more than one session and does not require a significant financial commitment. If you can’t wait for a favorite author’s next book, you might find something from him or her to read while you wait. Or, you can just discover your new favorite writer.

Amazon Original Stories also provides a great opportunity to read multiple perspectives in less time than it would take to read a full book. Besides saving you time, the ability to switch between digital and audio versions without losing your place makes it easy for you to enjoy the stories wherever your day takes you.

So, the next time you’re ready for another read, consider starting your search on Amazon Original Stories. You might discover a great new voice, an interesting new genre, or just a simple way to support your favorite writers.

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