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Bangalore: After Amazon India announced it was pulling the plug on its Westland Books publishing house, bibliophiles in the city are doing their best to get hold of the books published by the company.
Chandan K, a techie and avid reader, purchased 14 books from the publisher. “Most of these titles are for giveaways, while others are for my own collection. I can’t believe a publisher with such compelling books can be shut down overnight,” he said. -he declares.
Several Internet users have taken to social networks to express their disappointment. Many also publish lists of must-read titles by the publisher.
Twitter user Chinmay Tumbe shared a photo of books tweeted by the city-based Bookworm Bookstore and said, “This is a really impressive list of books. Sad to hear of Westland closing. I hope book titles will migrate to new pastures.
Local bookstores have shown their support for the publishing house and for book lovers trying to get their hands on its books.
Blossom Book House tweeted: “Westland Books was once the largest book distributor and played a very important role in establishing Blossoms as a major retail bookstore in India. We owe them a lot. We don’t know if the books will be reduced to pulp, the bookstore will have our favorites in stock for as long as possible. »
Mayi Gowda, founder of Blossom Book House, told TOI: “Usually we offer a 5% discount on Westland Books, but we have increased it to 10% since the news broke. There is also an increase in inquiries.
Bookworm has also taken to Twitter to calm book-lover anxiety. “With Westland closing, these wonderful books will be out of print with others (unless they find a new publisher, which we hope they will). If you’re looking for a title from Westland, Context or Eka, please visit or call us for delivery/to reserve copies,” the store tweeted, also offering to send a list of books to those interested.
Netizens from across the country and abroad, including the UK, responded to the tweet asking for the books. Many also encouraged readers to buy only from local stores.
‘2 reasons for the increase in demand’
Krishna Gowda, owner of Bookworm, said there were two reasons for the increase in demand. “One, many are discovering titles now. Second, they’re worried they’ll run out,” he said, adding that Bookworm now spends much of their day packing these books.
“As a retailer, I will miss the support of their entire team. Not just the sales, the editorial team would also give us insight into the books. We will miss it,” he said.

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