Were the Eternals able to fight alongside the Avengers against Thanos?


“Over the years, we have not interfered … until now”said one of the Eternals in the trailer of the long-awaited film Chloe Zhao. It is also common knowledge that these are the most powerful characters in wonder. Then a question arises as to what happened in the Infinity saga of MCU: Because the Eternals they did not help to fight Thanos when the villain wiped out half the universe?

In graphic novels, beings known as Celestial created from human DNA the Eternals and also the monstrous Deviant. The creators of the Eternals They gave powerful beings a mission: to observe the development of humanity, without interfering. At least until the Celestial come to a value judgment on the human race. Is this the real reason?

Why didn’t the Eternals fight Thanos?

In the movie trailer, Sersi confirm to Danish Whitman that the Eternals they can only intervene in conflicts involving Deviant like a real threat. The blow with which Avengers revived half the population of the universe gave the energy necessary for the resurgence of monstrous villains. This is why the Eternals they decide to meet again. Ikaris recount Invite they must find the rest of their kind.

In the thumbnails, Thanos is linked to Eternals, which is why it has the ability to manipulate Infinity stones. Up first the allegations, interpreted by Angelina Jolie in the MCU, is part of the group of Eternals found on Earth. It is not yet clear whether they will maintain that aforementioned relationship with the villain in the brand’s new entry.

The truth is that in graphic novels a Eternal decided to act to help humans. Is about Gilgamesh, who was subsequently exiled from Earth and recognized as “Forgotten”. At the movie theater, Eternals will come back in force to counter the terrible threat Deviant. These brutal beings could end humanity if no one stops them.

Everything indicates that the threat Deviant could be worse than Thanos! The bet is strong, because the Mad Titan succeeded in defeating the heroes of Earth and, for five long years, maintained that victory until the Avengers They discovered a way to alter the villain’s actions and, through the Infinity Gauntlet, revived half of the universe.


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