War Bears, the historical graphic novel by Margaret Atwood and Ken Steacy, will become an animated television series


Graphic novel by Margaret Atwood and Ken Steacy war bear is made into an animated television series by Vancouver-based WOW! Unlimited media.

The news was reported by Deadline on March 4.

war bear offers a fictional look at the little-known history of Canadian comics during the Second World War. It was inspired by a short story written by Atwood and illustrated by Ken Steacy in The Globe and Mail for the country’s 150th anniversary in 2017.

The historical fiction comic follows a young man named Alain Zurakowski, whose health problems prevent him from joining his brothers in the war effort overseas. In Toronto, Alain invents a Nazi fighting superheroine named Oursonette in hopes that she will help lift the spirits of Canadians back home.

An excerpt from War Bears by Margaret Atwood and Ken Steacy. (Black Horse)

“Ken Steacy illustrated war bear given his WWII-related interests and high standards of visual accuracy. We collaborated – although the main script work was his – and the rest is history. History of comics. What a pleasure that Ken is now working with Michael Hirsh and WOW! Media to bring our beloved bear cub, Bearette, to life,” Atwood told Deadline.

“I did the illustrations for Margaret’s story and the story absolutely grabbed me and didn’t want to let go. I was so fascinated by Margaret’s characters, the story, the wonderful, gentle nature- bitter about it all,” said the Victoria-based comic book artist and writer. Steacy told CBC Books in 2019.

war bear was published by Dark Horse Comics and distributed by Penguin Random House Canada in 2019.

Atwood’s latest book, burning questions, was released in March of this year. The collection of essays covers topics such as debt, technology and climate change, as Atwood ponders the many mysteries of our universe.


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