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UComplex and happy families are not found in most books. Only found in most homes. Family life is chaotic. Try to get some people into the car or go through the airport. This way you will see how quickly your family drama escalates. And these are probably simple pieces. What if you really have a problem?

I am drawn to stories of my family under pressure, both on the outside and on the inside. The girl claims that her mother and siblings have no problem figuring out who their parents really are. In my story and the selection in this book, reality finds a family that claims to be in control while no one knows what they are doing. All families expect to keep it together and develop it as they progress.

Here is my selection of books on families that I can’t wait to read (but I’m very happy not to participate):

1.1. I occupy Dodie Smith’s castle
This villainous family-life novel is one of many first-person stories on this list, and the voice of 17-year-old Cassandra Mortmain is very lively from the front line. The best poem sitting in the chicken coop. Still not a very good poem. My poem is so bad that I thought I couldn’t write anymore. Cassandra, thanks for the good, and keep the voice and the fallen Death Main family together, writing more, until only the love of the margins remains. Like all the best families, it’s chaotic, fun, and entertaining. (And my dad was trapped in a tower and forced to write, which my kids say is in the right order.)

Anne Tyler. Photo: David Levenson / Getty Images

2.2. Breathing lesson by Anne Tyler
As you open nearly all of Tyler’s books, you’ll get to know what the family does with each other. Know each other well and continue anyway. It is my favorite. Maggie and Ilamoran got married at the age of 28, went to a funeral, and returned that day. They meet old friends from high school. Maggie intervenes in her son’s failed relationship (Ira will say he interferes). She has an ideal family and marriage in mind and isn’t in one or the other (who?), But her attempt to make things better, or at least not to disappoint, is that the real one. heart of the life of the book.

3.3. Paddy Clarke Hahaha by Roddy Doyle
A book that makes you want to write with your child’s voice. The paddy fields never fall into self-pity or over-knowing their emotions. He just takes care of what’s in front of him. He talks about the plight of most 10-year-olds. He realizes that his parents are not omnipotent superheroes and cannot save him from the world and may not be able to save himself. It’s an unknowingly heroic voice that resonates in many stories, especially mine.

4.4. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
For all that Jord faces on the inhuman road to California, these are rare dust blossoms of dignity and tenderness, where anger and selfish thorns are likely to set in. “Strange things happen to them. Some are terribly cruel and some are so beautiful that faith is kindled forever. It is the women, especially the horses, who are the hearts that never stop pulling. The last act of his daughter Rose’s book is one of the most tragic and moving moments in all of the books, which unfolds without a word.

5.5. The Mandibles: a family, 2029-2047 by Lionel Shriver
A century after Joads, Lionel Shrivel portrays another multi-generational American family, trying to float when the bottom falls. The mandible is not a jod. They are rich and quite boring when we meet them. But the collapse of the market teaches them lessons of survival and humility. Their favored question (is there enough wine?) Is a more basic question (sorry, no more toilet paper) and the painful sacrifices made by the elders in the hope that their families will survive. Will be replaced by. A novel of ideas that makes everything that matters, except family, worthless.

6.6. In Women by John McGahern
The best Irish family novel. A former officer in the War of Independence, Michael Moran is now a wounded beast, and his hold on his wife Rose and his children has failed. In “Women’s,” one has the impression of seeing a closed, calm and patriarchal form of Irish family flee with Moran. Dominatrices are the women of this family who take care of the declining Moran. From the front row, “Moran was afraid of his daughters as he weakened”, in the final image of his sons returning from the funeral and laughing as if they “came from the dance”. The grip of this family and McGahan’s preliminary prose.

7. Standard deviation by Catherine Heiny
Another threatened family. It’s not existential in Joads or Mandibles, but it’s also deadly. The desire for something else. Graham and Audra have been married for 12 years (her second). Audra is 15 years younger, but there is a bigger gap between the two. Graham’s first wife, Elspeth, discusses the history of this family. Graham wonders if it’s a good idea for everyone to remarry, “it just led to a comparison.” Audra is dedicated to her son Matthew. Matthew is the standard deviation of the difference from the “average” child. She tries to help him find her way, but loses hers as her marriage falls apart. Heiny asks us: How much pain do you willingly endure to keep your family together? And despite the pain under the activities of Audra’s manic family, it’s very interesting.

8.8. Brian Freyer dancing at Lugnasa
Think back to your childhood and see your family swaying under the steadfast evening sun. Has it happened? This piece (not strictly speaking a book, but Friel had to be on this list) was seen by the family in light of uncertain memories. Michael relieves childhood at “Five Brave Women” home – his mother, four aunts and five mothers are practically (certainly boyish dreams). There is a chance for the father to make a lazy promise. The point of view I know is what distorts me when I read it. Sepia’s memories are the stark truths of what happened to this often undermined family in the same line: hope turned to shame and the setting sun has set on everyone. A masterpiece of family and memory.

Maggie Ofarel. Photo: Keith Morris / Alami

9.9. Hamnet by Maggie Ofarel
Family is at the heart of many of Offerel’s great books. In Hamnet, she meets one of the most beautiful women and mothers she has resuscitated. Agnes Hathaway is imbued with an almost supernatural perceptual and sensory depth. The bond between Hamnett, his mother and his twin sister is as if their bones are intertwined. And when it breaks, the howl of loss disappears from the page and penetrates our bones. What should I do if my family is gone? What should I do? The absent father of the family will return with an eternal answer: remember.

10.10. Boys don’t cry at FIona Scarlett
This recent debut is a beautiful story of two brothers who oppose the world and completely against each other. From the start, we know that one of our brothers has already passed away. And, like dancing in Lughnasa, the pain of knowing this as Finn and Joe’s story unfolds makes this book very disastrous. This family story may have been played for tears, but the writing is tight and emotionless, and even more powerful for her.

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