TKO Comics’ various comics to become TV with new deal with Regency


A stack of issues of The 7 Deadly Sins, published by TKO Presents.

Picture: TKO presents

Nowadays, it almost looks like a guarantee that a comic will eventually become a TV show or movie. Although most of the heavyweights come from publishers belonging to large companies, the most independent and the less flashy may still make a deal, and that’s what’s happening with TKO Studios.

With an excseductive deal from New Regency, the production company whose resume includes films like Little woman and Ad Astra, TKO’s many creator-owned comics have the potential to become TV shows and be developed by Regency if they go ahead. On the publisher’s side, co-founders Salvatore Simeone and Tze Chun will be tasked with helping the shows get developed and packaged with Regency. In a statement, Simeone and Chun expressed their enthusiasm for bringing their wallet to a new medium.. “New Regency The track record of creating groundbreaking films and television aligns with our history of publishing critically acclaimed genre stories, ”they said. “We believe the combined strengths of our companies form an ideal partnership and forge a new model of TV adaptation that will benefit all parties, including our amazing creators.

TKO was founded in 2018 and has the unique selling point of its comics by publishing entire stories simultaneously in both prints. and digital. It’s actually binging, but for the comics, which typically rely on a monthly template for its stories most of the time. In addition, every first number is free, so you don’t have to pay anything to see if a book will stick to you or not. Almost a dozen of their books have become Amazon bestsellers, and their range includes titles such as The Eisner-nominated sci-fi adventure of Jeff Lemire and Gabriel Walta Sensitive, the MMA thriller Pound for pound by Natalie Chaidez and Andy Belanger, and the WWII book by Garth Ennis and Steve Epting Sara.

As of yet, TKO hasn’t said which of its many comics will be the first to expansion to television. These agreements are probably in the process of being drawn up. as we speak, but when more news finally spell, it will be interesting to see how their books perform in a landscape already filled with adaptations of comics and graphic novels.

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