‘They’re ‘comic books,’ they’re not meant to be laughable’: Borat Star Sacha Baron Cohen playing Mephisto Rumors Splits the Internet, Fans Say It’s All a Joke Now in the MCU


What comes to mind when you think of Marvel’s Mephisto that Sacha Baron Cohen is rumored to play? He’s probably a menacing demon, big enough (he can magically alter it too!) to take on even the Hulk, and a mind meant to spin his opponents in circles with cunning tactics.

Not to mention all the other powers the villain has, Mephisto can probably fool you. But he’s the actor who’s reportedly cast as the MCU’s live-action version of the character who just doesn’t look too compelling to fans of the franchise. Instead, they insist that Marvel is trying to prank the MCU by dumping Cohen!

Sacha Baron Cohen at an event

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Sacha Baron Cohen Rumored Mephisto Role Spins Fun Debate

Sacha Baron Cohen is still remembered by many in particular for those three great roles that spawned countless GIFs that cement his image in internet history. Like Aladeen in The dictator, as Borat Sagdiyev in both Borat movies, and as Ali G in Da Ali G show.

Sacha Baron Cohen FandomWire
Sacha Baron Cohen

What makes these three characters so popular is that they’re hilarious, of course. But it was Cohen’s excellence in portraying these characters and the way he transformed them from their movies into real-life personalities (which is just him in character) that made the actor 51 a comic icon.

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But now he’s tied to a popular Marvel villain, Mephisto, who hasn’t seen an MCU movie/TV series yet, and his connotation as a hilarious character doesn’t sit too well with MCU fans to make him play the part. eternal villain.

The Bruno star would have been cast in a live-action version of Stone heart like Mephisto, as reported by The Direct. This rumor has left MCU fans quite disappointed and some elated. Here are their reactions:

This user is tired-

This fan doesn’t want it to be true-

This user loves the casting choice! –

W is all day-

As you can see, opinion is extremely divided on the new casting rumor for the villain. But let’s give Sacha Baron Cohen a chance, he deserved it after all these years of playing comic characters.

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Here’s why Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen are keeping their marriage a secret

Sacha Baron Cohen seems to have a lovely and successful marriage to his wife Isla Fisher, and one could say a happy marriage as they were married for 12 long years (hopefully many more) with three adorable children.

Sacha Baron Cohen FandomWire
Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher at an event

The two are also known to be very secretive about their marriage, and it’s quite a difficult task knowing that marrying someone as famous as Cohen comes with a lot of questions about your marriage status.

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But according to Fisher, it was the kept secret that really helped their marriage. During an appearance on ITV loose womenthe wedding spoiler the star said-

“I think the secret for us is that we don’t talk about it publicly, so it feels special and private. in our businesses and in the entertainment industry.

“It’s nice to have that in common, plus an obviously shared sense of humor and love of little people.”

This is truly a marriage that will last for years. Things might get tougher for both of them, however, once Cohen is cast as the demonic Mephisto!

Stone heart is slated for a Disney+ release in fall 2023.

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