The strangest book covers ever published in a new collection


Rare book expert Brian Lake who directs The Old Booksellers of Jarndyce in London has put together a compilation of history’s weirdest book covers in its new book Librorum Ridiculorum A collection of bizarre books.

The titles range from quite scatological humor and titles that reflect the evolution of the language over the past 100 years, to niche titles such as Fish answering the phone, Recipes for weed, How to be happy while married, Raising frogs for fun and profitand Banana Circus which features a banana pretending to be a seal.

Lake, who has been involved in both book trade associations as president of the PBFA, president of the ABA, and chairman of the ABA’s annual meeting London Book Fair, says his premise for the book was “does the cover make me laugh – and laugh again?!” Or as he also describes it “an exploration of the most eccentric titles and covers of our past that are inexplicably out of print but must never be forgotten”.

Each title is presented in original color with illustrative illustrations and short background text.

Librorum Ridiculorum – A collection of bizarre books by Brian Lake is published by HarperCollinshardcover, 128 pages, 100 color illustrations.


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