The last man was right to cast Elliot Fletcher


Hulu’s Y: The Last Man added a trans male character to the classic comic book story, but Elliot Fletcher’s character more than just adds diversity.

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for the first three episodes of Y: The last man.

Hulu on FX Y: The last man the adaptation was right to pick Elliot Fletcher as Sam Jordan, a trans man who was introduced in the set of the classic graphic novel series. Beyond offering a perspective that was overlooked in the original comics, Fletcher’s character also enhances the adaptation’s narrative by furthering Hero Brown’s development and grounding his character.

Published in 60 issues from 2002 to 2008, Y: The last man was one of the biggest series to come out of DC Comics’ Vertigo line for mature readers, alongside series such as Neil Gaiman’s The sand man and that of Mike Carey Lucifer like some of the world’s most acclaimed graphic novels for adults. The series detailed the misadventures of lazy escape artist Yorick Brown, as he embarked on a quest to understand why he and his pet monkey were the only mammals with a Y chromosome not to die as a result of an unexplained global event. A critical darling when it comes out, Y: The last man has also won several Eisner Awards for Best New Comic Book and Best Continuing Series.

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Despite these distinctions, Y: The last man has also been criticized in recent years for its narrow focus on exploring the question of how humanity would adapt after the death of nearly all men with a Y chromosome. The new adaptation of Hulu on FX has taken measures to remedy the oversights of the Y: The last man the comics and adding Elliot Fletcher to the set helps with those issues. However, Sam Jordan’s character is also improving Y: The last manthe story of.

The Problem With The Y: The Last Man Comics

One of the main complaints about Y: The last man that’s how badly he weighed trans men in his larger narrative. There are no major trans male characters and only a few fleeting references to trans men as the story progresses. More worryingly, it is implicitly implied that gender identity is a matter of choice. A scene in Y: The last man # 11 is typical of the show’s problematic treatment of trans men. While waiting to board a train, Yorick is approached by a sex worker who offers advice on how to do her “false“The beard looks more realistic. It then refers to other cis sex workers who choose to”become men.

Beyond that, the only reference Y: The last man done to trans men is as victims. The Daughters of the Amazon, a cult that rises after The Event, is dedicated to killing trans men and women who choose to disguise themselves as men, when they do not destroy sperm banks, churches or the like. “patriarchal symbols. “There is also a brief discussion about trans men being forced into sexual slavery and cis women being forced to transition to the Philippines to meet the new demand. For all of this. Y: The last man tried to offer a feminist perspective on the classic sci-fi trope of The Last Man on Earth, it failed to offer a view of trans men as anything other than sex objects.

Why Y: The Cast of The Last Man Elliot Fletcher Series

Y The Last Man Elliot Fletcher as Sam Jordan

Y: The last man Showrunner Eliza Clark was well aware of the issue with the original comics, but also recognized the power of the story and its relevance following recent events. Idea of ​​an unknown plague resonates in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and early episodes of Y: The last man evokes the imagery of the domestic terrorist attacks of January 6. Despite this, the decision to add a trans male character to the main cast of Y: The last man seems to be the most controversial aspect of the new series.

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Elliot Fletcher is no stranger to controversy, being one of several trans actors who filmed a video demanding that Hollywood offer a greater variety of roles for transgender people in 2017. Since then, Fletcher has played Trevor, a trans man who works for a charity that helps homeless LGBT + teens, on Showtime series Shameless. This role, which featured a kind and generous trans man undefined by his gender identity or sex life, set the stage for the character of Sam Jordan, which Fletcher plays in Y: The last man.

How Elliot Fletcher’s Character Improves Y: The Last Man’s Story

Y The Last Man Sam Jordan Hero Brown

Beyond portraying himself as another rare trans male character who is not fully informed by his status as a trans male, Sam Jordan also serves to dramatically improve the character of Hero Brown (Olivia Thirlby), the protagonist’s older sister. series holder, Yorick Brown. (Ben Schnetzer). A paramedic who was touted as being much more sane than his younger brother, Hero’s journey was a secondary consideration to that of his brother in the original. Y: The last man comics. Despite appearing in the first chapter of the series, Hero disappeared for several issues before suddenly emerging as a member of the Daughters of the Amazon. While a later issue filled in the gaps between Hero’s appearances as she chased her brother across the country, many found it odd that someone as determined as Hero, even after falling into despair afterward. the event, can be swayed by an apocalyptic cult so easily.

The Y: The last man The series addresses this problem by establishing Hero as having an addictive personality and introducing Sam Jordan as his best friend and AA godfather. The friendship between Sam and Hero is completely platonic, and Sam’s status as a trans man is not referenced in his first scene of the sci-fi series. Sam supports Hero even as she becomes more withdrawn and the following episodes show their struggle for survival. Their scenes together not only cause the comic book hero’s collapse to appear more realistic, but also serve to make her more sympathetic, as she is broken out of her funk when Sam tells her he’s almost out of testosterone. which he needs for his treatment. While Hero is reluctant to seek his mother’s help in ensuring her own survival, she will humble herself to help a friend. It seems likely, however, that if Hero’s journey from the comics reflects his fate in the series, there will be some sort of conflict when they meet the Daughters of the Amazon.

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