The Joker’s 9 Cruelest Attacks On The Bat Family


The Joker is one of DC’s most fearsome criminals and has committed many crimes and killed countless people. The citizens of Gotham dread to learn that the Joker has once again escaped from Arkham. However, the Bat Family is the one who should be most worried.

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Over the years, the Joker has turned his evil eye on Batman and the Bat-Family on several occasions and it has never gone well for Batman or his allies. The Joker is obsessed with the Dark Knight and will stop at nothing to demonstrate his twisted affections. Unfortunately for the Bat Family, the cruelty of the Joker knows no bounds.

9 Joker turned Superman into Batman

Batman and Superman have their differences, but DC’s best heroes are close friends. Therefore, the atrocities committed by Joker in the Injustice series hit close to home for Batman. The Joker drugged Superman into believing his pregnant wife, Lois, was actually Doomsday. Superman killed her and accidentally set off a nuclear bomb in Metropolis. In retaliation, Superman murdered the Joker.

After that, Superman formed a regime where he killed everyone who opposed him in order to make the world a “better place”. Batman and his allies resisted Superman’s autocracy and the Man of Steel responded by turning Batman’s son, Damian, against him, setting off a series of events that killed Dick Grayson and trapped Tim Drake in the phantom zone. The Joker started a chain of events that rocked the DC Universe and the Batman family.

8 Joker Told Batman He Wasn’t Really a Wayne

In the series, Batman: White Knight the Joker’s sanity briefly returned and he was trying to atone for his crimes. Living as Jack Napier, Joker tried to help Gotham heal. Unfortunately, that couldn’t last, and the Joker returned, crueler than ever. In the continuation of the series Batman: Curse of the White Knight, fans were treated to some interesting tidbits that the Joker uncovered while in hospital.

Related: 10 Worst “Bad Endings” Video GamesEarly in the series, Jack Napier told Harley he knew something that would break Batman if he ever shared it. He begged Harley not to tell him, and she agreed. However, several issues later, the Joker told Bruce himself and explained how the Wayne family had been secretly replaced. Centuries before, a priest named Bakkar killed Edmond Wayne and stole his identity. The revelation of a stolen identity and fortune has caused Batman to question his mission and true nature.

seven Joker made Nightwing his sidekick

Nightwing suffered a lot after being shot in the head by KGBeast. He had amnesia and his memories were manipulated by the Court of Owls via a magic crystal that the Joker acquired. Using the crystal, he tricked Nightwing into thinking he was happy when his parents died and grew up with the Joker as a father figure.

Under Joker’s spell, Dick attacked Barbara Gordon and her fellow Robins. Fortunately, they were able to recover the crystal and returned Dick’s memories for good. This shows how dangerous it is for the Joker to know the Bat Family’s secret identities.

6 The Joker murdered Commissioner Gordon’s wife

Commissioner Gordon has seen a lot of pain and death as a cop in Gotham City. However, he was finally able to find a little piece of happiness with his second wife, Sarah Essen. Sarah and Jim were happy together. But happiness never lasts in Gotham.

Joker has kidnapped a group of babies and Sarah is the one who found him and confronted him at gunpoint. However, the Joker reversed the situation when he dumped a baby on her, forcing her to drop the gun to save the child. Unsurprisingly, she was killed in her act of heroism, and Jim Gordon nearly killed the Joker in revenge.

5 The family’s death saw the Joker commit many atrocities

During the 23-issue story arc family death, the Joker pulled off one of his cruellest schemes yet. Believing that the Bat Family had only weakened the Caped Crusader, Joker went on a rampage, attacking and kidnapping several members of the Bat Family.

During his final confrontation with Batman, surrounded by the Bat Family in a mock dinner party, Joker drugged the various Robins, Red Hood, and Batgirl, forcing them to fight. The family all survived, but they had to deal with the trauma and division that Joker had sown among them.

4 The Joker tricked Batman into committing suicide

by Frank Miller Return of the Dark Knight is still hailed as one of the greatest graphic novels ever written. Return of the Dark Knight presents a truly realistic take on the Batman mythos and offers readers one of the most diabolical incarnations of the Joker.

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During their final confrontation, Batman and the Joker traded blows before Batman snapped the Joker’s neck, crippling the villain. However, the Joker harnessed his inhuman will one last time, wringing his neck until he broke, forcing Gotham and his police force to face what looked like a Batman who would slay his enemies.

3 The Joker Almost Pushed Jim Gordon Overboard

During killer joke, the Joker shot Barbara Gordon in front of her father, before kidnapping them both and taking the commissioner to an amusement park. In one of his cruellest moves, he then bombarded Gordon with nude images of his injured daughter.

The Joker believed anyone could lose their minds after “a bad day” like he did. Thankfully, Commissioner Gordon has proven that horror won’t break everyone. Both Barbara and Jim are traumatized by the experience, but they’ve proven that the formula for violent mental illness the Joker was looking for doesn’t exist.

2 The Joker made Tim Drake his son

Tim Drake fought alongside Batman as Robin in The New Batman Adventures cartoon. In his popular series of futuristic sequels, batman beyondand the movie The return of the jokerfans learned about Tim’s sad fate in the DCAU.

While Tim was playing Robin, the Joker captured him and tortured him for weeks. When Batman finally rescued him, young Tim had been brainwashed into a miniature version of the Joker. The Joker wanted Tim to kill Batman, but luckily a little piece of the boy’s mind remained and he shot the Joker instead. Tim gave up on crime-fighting and, thanks to stolen super science, even became the Joker’s host decades later.

1 The Joker Killed Jason Todd

Jason Todd fought alongside Batman as the second Robin. Jason sometimes had trouble listening to instructions, but in the end he was a good Robin who wanted to see the good in people. Unfortunately, the Joker exploited Jason’s best and worst tendencies.

Jason found his long-lost mother and found her. However, the Joker was using her history with addiction as leverage, and she betrayed her son to his deadliest enemy. Joker turned on both of them, nearly beating Jason to death with a crowbar before locking them both in a warehouse with the bomb that killed them. Jason’s death traumatized the entire Bat Family and reverberated through Batman stories for decades. He did it to hurt Batman, of course, but turning a mother against her son was easily one of Joker’s cruelest moments.

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