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When Avatar: The Last Airbender arriving on Netflix during the quarantine of 2020, the fandom has seen a massive renaissance. However, it’s been nearly 8 years since any new content has been animated, with the series’ latest episode sequel The Legend of Korra aired December 19, 2014. The good news is, that’s about to change! After Avatar Studios announced in June that they were working on three new films for the series, Paramount confirmed last week that the first of those films had an official release date of October 10, 2025: over a decade ago The Legend of Korra ended, and TWO decades after the original series first aired.

Many fans were disappointed that The Legend of Korra took place so many years later The last air Master. Although the graphic novels picked up where the cartoon left off, Team Avatar is still a teenager in these comics; we never see them as young adults except in the image above. In fact, we only see them as teenagers or elders. The plot of the 2025 film is still unknown at this time, but fans are keeping their fingers crossed that we can finally witness the adventures Gaang embarked on in the roughly 70 years between the end of the graphic novels and the start of The Legend of Korra.

Meanwhile, graphic novels…The promise, The research, The flaw, Smoke and shadow, North and Southand Imbalance are available for purchase from Barnes & Noble.

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