The Dark Knight Proved The Joker Was A Hypocrite


by Christophe Nolan The black Knight is one of the most definitive portrayals of Batman and The Joke in cinema. Part of what keeps the film engaging more than a decade later are the subtle details that make up the fabric of the film. A good example of this can be seen when the audience dissects the Joker’s overarching agenda. As the secrets begin to be revealed, it becomes more apparent that while the Joker is an anarchist at heart, he is also The black Knightis the biggest hypocrite.

As Batman continued his war against organized crime, his stranglehold on Gotham City put all of its crime lords in a corner. As a result, the Joker came calling to offer an easy way to kill Batman. Part of the reason The Joke was the most capable for the job was that he was the only one skilled enough to put his reputation and the city at risk to push Batman to his limits. While it looked like he served to let chaos reign as a “car-chasing dog,” Youtube channel Movie Logic revealed that The Joker had a well-thought-out plan all along.

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After Harvey Dent survived being held hostage by the Joker, he was branded. To capitalize on this, the Joker paid him a visit to tip Two-Face down a path of chaos. During their conversation, he boasted that he was put on Earth to remind the world that their plans mean nothing when anarchy is involved. He condemned the actions of the schemers and he found their actions pathetic. In reality, the Joker was no different from them as he first teased his finger on the hammer when he “let” Harvey choose whether he should live or die.

The next example of Joker’s hypocrisy in The black Knight can be seen at the construction site before his final battle with Batman. As he prepares to speak to the hostages on the ferry, he reads his monologue from a notebook. As a result, it’s likely that he also planned many other aspects of his anarchy, turning him into a schemer. At first, it looked like maybe it could be excused as a one-time case where he was willing to put his words in. However, since he was still in control when Harvey flipped his coin, it’s clear that Joker was still aware of what he was doing and what was coming next.

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Besides being a liar, the Joker’s hypocrisy is itself a genius strategy that continues to underscore his folly. While he doesn’t do things just because he can, he is unstable enough to make people think he does. This allowed him to gain total dominance over everyone he came into contact with in The black Knight because he was constantly underestimated by people who thought they were above him. It also brought Batman and the Joker closer together, as they both had to strategize to achieve their goals.

The Joker is an opportunist rather than an anarchist. His chaos is part of his larger plan to smash society and return people to their most vicious selves. Rather than do the things that came his way, he took advantage of any plan that appeared, such as turning Harvey off and blowing up the two ferries if the hostages didn’t. Although there is an error in what he says versus what he does, the Joker is still as crazy as he presented. The only difference is that he’s mad enough to accentuate it and use it to manipulate those around him and fall into his grand scheme of murder and mayhem.

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