The Batman Releases Vengeful Poster Dolby Cinema


Dolby Cinemas releases a new poster for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, featuring an atmospheric portrayal of Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight

The Bat-Signal lights up the Dark Knight in the Dolby Cinema poster for The Batman.

The poster features a distant image of Robert Pattinson as Gotham City’s protector, Batman. Behind him, the Bat-Signal shines brightly, knocking Batman almost entirely in silhouette as the rain pours down on him. The poster reads “Check it out at Dolby Cinema” and promotes The Batmanwill be released exclusively in theaters on March 4.

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Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves' The Batman

The theme of “discovery” was central to Warner Bros. Pictures’ promotion of The Batman, as Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne attempts to uncover the mystery surrounding Gotham City’s newest terrorist threat, the Riddler. Played by Paul Dano, the Riddler leaves clues to his crimes and targets Gotham’s elite in an effort to disrupt the status quo and bring down establishments he deems corrupt. Additionally, pictures of The BatmanThe trailer suggests that just as Batman tries to learn more about this new threat, the Riddler discovers the Dark Knight’s secret identity.

From the start, director Matt Reeves set out to make The Batman a true detective story by channeling aspects of the character that he felt had been overlooked in previous films. To do this, Reeves decided to place his film outside of the DC Extended Universe and streamline Bruce’s supporting cast to its core components. Additionally, Reeves chose to set the film in Batman’s second year as a masked vigilante, at a time when he was still doing a lot on his own. The repercussions of this creative decision inform many elements of The BatmanPattinson’s aesthetic, from Pattinson’s costume to the new Batmobile. Talking about how The BatmanThe back-to-basics approach to channels his vision for the character, Reeves said: “He’s a rich man who can use the money to do this stuff, but he does it himself. So I wanted, on a practical level, for you to see the seams in everything he does.”

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Although Reeves’ vision for The Batman seemingly emphasizing the Dark Knight’s detective skills from the start, Pattinson says he was surprised by this aspect of Bruce’s personality. Since the previous Batman movies focused on the hero defeating villains, he had no idea that Batman was supposed to be the “world’s greatest detective”. Yet once he knew what he was getting into, Pattinson was excited to explore this previously unexplored side of the character. “It’s a crime movie. It happens all the time in graphic novels, but it’s always kind of on the back burner in movies.”

The Batman hits theaters on March 4.

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Source: Dolby Cinema

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