The baristas of the three Ithaca Starbucks cafes want to unionize


Ithaca now has three full-service Starbucks coffee shops, and the baristas at all three have signed a letter saying they want to unionize, according to Starbucks Workers United. “Our organizing committee represents the three stores”, specifies the union, “including one which opened barely a week ago!”

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“We are organizing a union because we believe it is the best way to ensure both that our voices are heard and that when we are heard we have equal power to effect change,” the group said in a letter to Starbucks CEO Kevin. Johnson shared online by Starbucks Workers United. “We all want the same thing: a voice at work so that our professional lives are the best they can be.”

Starbucks employees are following in the footsteps of those at three Buffalo-area stores that expressed their intention to unionize last year. One store won a vote in the fall and the National Labor Relations Board certified this month that workers had won a narrow vote at a second store, according to The counterwhich says workers at four other company-owned cafes had “filed union documents in the last week alone” with the NLRB.

“We love our job,” the letter from the Ithaca baristas points out. “We take pride in our work and strive to follow the Starbucks Mission and Values ​​every day. Our Ithaca Starbucks community has created a culture of warmth and belonging through our connection to one another despite the challenges we face, especially related to COVID-19. We are acting courageously and challenging the status quo by unionizing so that we can finally build a relationship on a platform of respect and responsibility.

The letter to the Starbucks CEO urges him to “sign the Fair Election Principles,” promising not to interfere with organizing efforts, and “to provide a level playing field that will allow Starbucks partners to choose unionize or not without fear of reprisals”. .”

Customers who want to support the organizing effort can give their name as “Union Yes” or “Workers United” when ordering a drink at any of the Ithaca coffee shops, and “Starbucks Customer” yard signs. for a Starbucks Union” are available in the fall. Leave used books, according to the Tompkins County Workers Center, whose office is above the bookstore on Ithaca Commons.

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