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If you are a student living on campus this fall semester, chances are you are familiar with the Seawolf All-Inclusive Experience (ALLEX) initiative. ALLEX is a new program designed to reward housing residents with free favors, including $ 250 credit for learning materials, free parking this fall, one free drip coffee per day, additional free events for students and a myriad of specific housing guarantees.

Last semester, when news of the ALLEX program reached the students, the Wolves were divided. Some students were excited about the incentives offered to them in return for campus life, but others felt the school appeared to be bribing students to come back, as they voiced their opinions to STAR in March. latest. Additionally, students not living on campus felt alienated as the ALLEX program is designed only for campus residents.

Some Seawolves are also unhappy because the email sent on March 1 announcing ALLEX stated that “Culinary Services restaurants will be open”, but only Kitchens and Sip, the campus cafe which closes at 2pm, are open this semester. .

Now that the ALLEX program has gone into effect, students remain disappointed with the university’s efforts to attract them. They mostly appreciate the free residential parking, but feel frustrated by the limitations of other ALLEX benefits.

“I feel like the ALLEX ‘free coffee’ really only applies to one group of people: people living on campus who can be in Sip at any time and people who drink caffeine. “said a third year SSU biology student. “There aren’t any other places open for food outside of the cafeteria, and in terms of making more events free for students, events aren’t something people can always go to. if they are busy, especially with students trying to balance their work, homework, and lives. I feel like the university’s resources could be better distributed if they tried to make students feel more valued on campus.

Another Seawolf encountered issues while using the $ 250 learning material credit provided by ALLEX.

A third year anthropology major shared her experience, saying, “I ordered all of my books through ALLEX and I had $ 60 left. the last book I ordered was canceled. When I went to get another book, I asked why my last order was canceled, and they told me I had insufficient funds. I asked how it went because I was sure I had $ 60 left. And they told me that they had to give me two new textbooks instead of the used books that I had ordered, because they had no more used books. I feel like they should have covered this cost themselves because I was not prepared to pay the price out of pocket for new books, when I specifically ordered used books so that the ALLEX program covers it all. I felt so frustrated.

And while the cost of room and board this semester has fallen by 3.43%, according to, tuition has gone up again, like every year, even when classes shifted entirely to learning. remotely and campus resources have been significantly reduced. .

It’s no secret that Sonoma State has been struggling financially for years, with declining enrollments, a multi-million dollar budget deficit, and pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic. ALLEX appears to be an effort to get students back to living on campus while spending as little as possible, and this fact has not been lost on Seawolves.

Restaurants on campus are still closed, construction work and tree removal are spoiling the grounds, tuition fees continue to rise, and students do not feel appeased by the diverse assortment of ALLEX benefits offered only to residents.

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