Scott Snyder says a marriage of print and digital is the future of comics


Best Jackett Press and Dark Nights: Metal writer Scott Snyder says the future of comics is not just print or digital, but a harmonious blend of the two.

Many comic book fans believe, and even fear, that digital comic book platforms will one day replace traditional print media, but best-selling writer Scott Snyder says the future will have plenty of room for both.

Snyder recently launched the publishing label owned by creator Best Jackett Press, partnering with ComiXology for a series of original titles that will be released on the digital platform. “We partnered with ComiXology because I truly believe digital and print have been held in competitive spaces for too long,” Snyder told CBR. “The future of comics is the marriage of digital and print.”

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The print is collectable, tactile, and common and people go to the comic book store for the same reason they always have – to find other comic book fans and get things they love. for their shelf, ”Snyder continued. “Digital is where, for the price of a comic – although it probably makes more financial sense for me to say buy each of our own individually – with a ComiXology Unlimited subscription, you can browse all of them. these people who were once my students and are now exciting voices in the comics. “

Snyder and artist Greg Capullo just released Best Jackett Press’s first release, We have demons. “We decided to partner with ComiXology because we believe in what they do,” Snyder said. “When the books come out on the direct market, they’ve made a special deal with us where We have demons we can do it in one issue, with cover variations and everything in there to come out in a way that helps the direct market. Browse to find the writers and artists you love on ComiXology Unlimited, then head to your store and buy the things for your shelf. “

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“For me, this is the future of comics, this model,” Snyder continued. “Maybe I’m wrong, but I believe it wholeheartedly and the way ComiXology has supported a lot of new and emerging voices – some are alumni of mine. I’m glad people are using our books as catwalk to find out all of these other great comic book shows and talent. The reason I’m doing this and teaching on Substack – what I hope people will do because it’s been a blast with this class. comic writing 101 that you can sign up for on Substack – it’s exactly the same reason.

“Get a subscription on ComiXology Unlimited, find books you love affordably in these crazy times, and get what you love in stores, meet people, challenge and be a community. And then do comics, do it better than us, and change the industry because it needs new voices. “

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