Sarah Ferguson’s Steamy Romance novel & 12 new books to read in August 2021

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By Zue Wei Leong

By Zue Wei Leong

03 Aug 2021

It’s an exciting month for book lovers of all genres with the release of breathtaking debuts, thrilling returns from beloved authors, and a captivating autobiography by Billie Jean King.

Are you looking to indulge your longing for historic romance after Regé-Jean Page’s performance as Duke of Hastings in the hit Netflix series, Bridgerton, let you burn for more? Or do you hope to get a taste of the realities of royal life after watching The crown or Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive interview with Oprah?

Then the Duchess of York’s debut novel is for you. Set in Victorian England, His heart as a compass tells the story of Lady Margaret, a noble young woman who is banished from polite society after her parents make a surprise announcement of her engagement to a high profile match.

Follow Margaret as she discovers herself outside the sweltering lounges and opulent ballrooms, traveling the world and befriending other rebels, including Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Louise.

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Sharp, deliberate and provocative, this new novel is built on the common phrase all mothers have uttered: “Who should I kill to get help around here?”

The husbands begins with Nora Spangler, a successful lawyer who struggles to keep up with her ‘second shift’ of scheduling doctor appointments, sending vacation cards and preparing lunches for her. husband. As such, she is mystified when she meets the residents of Dynasty Ranch, a group of powerful women with enviable supportive spouses, who really seem to “have it all.”

Join Nora in this feminist thriller as she uncovers the secret to success.

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“Like a lot of ghost stories I grew up with, this one has to start with a death …”

In See ghosts, Chinese-American journalist Kat Chow writes to her mother, who died suddenly of cancer. A patient and poetic portrait of mourning, Chow remembers her mother through fragmented stories from the past, before she emigrated from China and Hong Kong to America and Cuba.

As Chow delves into ghosts and his family history spanning three generations, this memoir becomes a poignant meditation on how life, both his and his parents’ lives, is shaped by the ebb and flow of loss and grief.

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Alexander Kleeman follows his acclaimed debut novel about rampant consumerism and unrealistic beauty standards, You too can have a body like mine, with another piercing commentary on the state of the world.

The story follows novelist Patrick Hamlin, who arrives in Hollywood to oversee the production of a film adaptation of his book, except California is in environmental decline, facing drought, wildfires and a disturbing new brand. synthetic water. Set in an era of corporate supremacy and alternative facts, it becomes unclear whether the sunburnt city Something new under the sun is a fictional rendering of a dystopian present or a warning of a catastrophic future.

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Author of The brilliant and It, Stephen King has experimented with different genres over the years, from horror to fantasy and time travel. In his latest novel, King introduces Billy Summers, a hitman with a moral compass achieving his final blow.

However, despite the rather stereotypical premise of a typical crime thriller, Billy Summers benefits from King’s genre leap experience by delving into the main protagonist’s psyche as a war veteran. Infused with a unique and compelling American noir voice, this novel is as contemplative as it is gripping, with breathtaking twists.

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This breathtaking debut album by Naweez Ahmed tells the story of a disagreeable Indian Muslim family. They live in San Francisco and Texas, as the country is on the verge of electing its first African-American president.

Beautifully written and brimming with poetry from Wordsworth, Keats and the Qur’an, Radiant fugitives is told from the perspective of the protagonist’s child from the moment he was born and explores the clash between tradition and change, ideology and reality, forgiveness and retribution.

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A timely and hilarious satire on the new norm of working from home, Several people type follows Gerald, who accidentally uploads his conscience to his PR firm’s Slack channel. With his mind stuck in this new digital realm, he can only watch events unfold in the real world, like his body being hijacked by Slackbot, the channel’s AI assistant.

Kasulke’s debut novel is an easy read that pokes fun at office culture and its evolution online.

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Critically acclaimed novelist Elif Shafak returns with a haunting story about two young lovers, a Greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriot, whose underground romance begins under a magnificent fig tree on a beautiful Greek island. Decades later, their British daughter Ada Kazantzakis goes on a journey to retrace their love story, plagued by violent wars and displacement.

In Island of missing trees, Shafak intricately constructs an enchanting story of family and identity that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

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Who can resist a novel about novels? Sara Nisha Adams’ heartwarming debut follows the unlikely friendship between a grieving widower, Mukesh, and anxious teenage girl, Aleisha, working at the local library.

A crumpled book reading list on the back of a copy of Kill a mockingbird transports the two characters to the fictional worlds of Pride and Prejudice, The Life of Pi and Little woman– among many others, as they discover the power of books and how they can heal and bring people together.

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Billie Jean King has 20 Wimbledon Championships, thirty-nine Grand Slam titles and a decisive victory over Bobby Riggs in the infamous Battle of the Sexes. But she is much more than a tennis player.

In her personal life, she struggled with her gender identity and overcame an eating disorder and near financial ruin. A steadfast activist, she has been involved in women’s movements and anti-war protests, and has fought for the LGBTQ + community. In this autobiography, the legendary Billie Jean King reintroduces herself to the world with her own words.

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It looks like boarding school thrillers seem to dominate the YA genre this month. Lesson in revenge brings together two unlikely friends with a curiosity for the occult as they explore the haunted halls of the Dalloway School.

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How we fall apart is another preschool page turner centered around a group of friends, who are prime suspects in the death of a classmate and ex-best friend. Zhao delves into the iconic tropes of adolescence, disintegrating group dynamics recalling i know what you did last summer to an anonymous, Gossip Girl-esque presence on social networks named ‘The Proctor’.

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Edgar Prize-winning author Naomi Hirahara has spent the past three decades researching and archiving Japanese-American history. His latest detective story follows his young protagonist Aki Ito in 1944 in Chicago who desperately seeks to uncover the truth behind the apparent suicide of his sister the night the Ito family would finally be reunited, after being incarcerated in a camp in Manzanar, California. .

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