Readers’ Favorite Announces Review of Fiction – Science Fiction Book “Yucca Mountain Exodus”


Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the book Fiction – Science Fiction “Yucca Mountain Exodus” by Monty Nereim, currently available at

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“Reviewed by Alex Ndirangu for Readers’ Favorite

Monty Nereim’s Yucca Mountain Exodus is a well-written sci-fi tale about survival on a planet ravaged by the inevitable. A four-mile-radius asteroid struck the planet, unleashing shock waves that rocked tectonic plates up and down, causing earthquakes, tsunamis, catastrophic volcanic eruptions and extreme weather events. A sophisticated bunker a few thousand feet below Yucca Mountain protected several hundred people from the disaster unfolding on the surface. It has been a long time since the tragedy, and people yearn to be freed from their underground confinement. However, the starting gates are impassable since a lake has formed outside, and opening the gates would flood the shrine. After fifteen years, nine volunteers reach the top of the mountain via a perilous escape hole. Their mission is to seek help from other shrines, help that will allow their families to escape from the depths of the mountain. However, their journey will be filled with challenges, tribulations, and even devastating revelations as their chances of finding another human species diminish with every step they take. Will their journey be fruitful? How can they deal with the calamities that can still occur on the surface, given their lack of experience after spending so many years underground?

I really liked Monty Nereim’s writing style. He had ideas that were extremely distinct and easy to understand. His writing transmitted to me aspects of his personality. He presents himself as an author with a lively imagination, as evidenced by his creativity; he is not afraid to express it! Because of this, it draws the reader’s empathy towards the circumstances of the characters. I could feel the cool desert air making goosebumps appear on my skin as I mentally recreated the desert environment. The vivid descriptions of these parameters were extremely important to the credibility of this book. Another plus was the cast of believable, well-written characters. The dialogue between and among the many characters brought the narrative to life and placed the events in their immediate contexts. Monty foretold and predicted events through these talks without disrupting the flow of history. I fully understood each scene and the behaviors that distinguished them. I appreciated Monty’s decision to add a song in this book that I couldn’t help but sing along to. This intertextual element elevated plain language into the realm of poetry. There was nothing I didn’t like about Yucca Mountain Exodus. I believe it gives insight into the survival instinct that lives in all of us.

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