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A local educator does more than teach her students to achieve their dreams. She inspires them by following her own.

Morgan Comnick, a teacher at the Fredericktown Alternative Learning Center, is currently working on her ninth book but is celebrating new life for her first book “Spirit Vision” which was recently re-released as an audiobook. The “Spirit Vision” audiobook reached number one in the Christian Fiction New Releases category on Amazon and is still in the top 200 in the category.

Comnick said she was beaming from ear to ear when she discovered she was a top seller on Amazon.

“I couldn’t contain myself,” Comnick said. “My mind is still in disbelief. Becoming a bestseller fills my heart in any way. This is the first week on Amazon and Audible, it was also in the top 100 audiobooks that deal with bullying in works for young adults and in the top 225 contemporary audiobooks. Teen Fantasy.”

Comnick said these subcategories that Amazon has placed on “Spirit Vision” go beyond its two main categories, but they are genres that are close to his heart.

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“Knowing that others see the dedication and passion I put behind a multi-layered story means the world to me,” Comnick said. “I would be nowhere without my wonderful narrator, Abby Anderson. Her skills, engaging personality, and support expand the world of my book, and I love how it has become our project.”

Comnick said producing an audiobook was one of his biggest dreams as an author.

“It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s also given me the biggest reward of my career so far,” Comnick said. “This is the next step in this series’ journey and I’m blessed to have this opportunity that most writers yearn for.”

Comnick said, “Spirit Vision” is about a shy, nerdy fifteen-year-old girl, Stary Moon, who starts having strange dreams.

“Upon arriving at school, a corpse is discovered and Stary realizes it is the young woman she saw in her dreams,” Comnick said. “She meets the spirit of the deceased girl, in addition to her rude friend, the two revealing their names to be Maren and Umbra. Their fates are now linked as Stary discovers from these spirits that she is the chosen spirit warrior. By God, the one who can help help them get into heaven by helping them track Maren and Umbra’s murder, or else Stary is next.

Comnick said Stary was trying to balance life as a normal high school girl trying to get invited to the homecoming dance and learning to use her newfound spiritual and light powers. Not serious.

“I’m thrilled that we can share this world and these characters with a new audience,” Comnick said. “It’s always been one of my ultimate goals for my works which are like babies to me. It takes a fresh look at history.”

Comnick said her writing style is based on what inspires her, connection, and a detailed culture that you can see.

“All of my work has two to three main genres, but I balance them with elements that can connect with as many readers as possible while still doing what I hope is entertaining and impactful in a light-hearted story,” said Comnick said. “I was nicknamed ‘The Queen of Details’ in middle school. Adjectives and figurative language are my thing.”

Comnick said Japanese graphic novels called manga, with their rich and beautiful art and stories, changed his life.

“I aim for my books to be a written interpretation of that, a story deep in your head, a world that overlaps with ours, that the magic can be in plain sight,” Comnick said. “Currently I’m focusing on young adults and new adults, but there’s something for everyone.”

Comnick said she has yet to publish a full standalone book, but in fact all of her creations are part of multiple series. She said, don’t worry, she has dozens of ideas for future books.

“My ninth book is part of my new adult series ‘The Hunter and The Bringer,'” Comnick said. “It’s called ‘Before and After’ and it’s a collection of short stories and a fan book for the series, allowing readers to learn more about the characters, organizations and their mechanics in short stories. exclusive before and after series main timeline, playlists, bios, fun facts, weapon and monster encyclopedias, interviews and more, all in the same sarcastic style that Val and Jeremy for are known.”

Comnick said writing has always been a comfort to her and was the first outlet where she could be herself. She said she didn’t know how to express normal emotions such as sadness, anger or confusion and instead would become extremely shy and heartbreaking all the time.

“My notebook was my anchor, my protector, my friend,” Comnick said. “Combining that with my wild imagination made becoming an author a dream job. The unexpected best part was sharing these characters and the world I lovingly created from my soul with the world, and having them as they too become my engine, allowing my creative juices to flow.”

Comnick said encouraging her students and others to follow their dreams and persevere no matter what obstacles stand in your way is a treasure. She said the wonderful friends she has made along the way have been some of her greatest blessings.

“I’m so grateful to have amazing, compassionate teachers who fostered the traits that made me who I am,” Comnick said. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Something I instill in my life and others is to never lose your imagination and wonder for life, and that life is a gift you only get once. No dream is too crazy and it’s never too late to do what you want. As long as you do what you love, others will respond to your vision, and you will return the better world for that.Each star is unique, so go dazzle.

Comnick’s books are all available for purchase on Amazon or select copies are available at the Fredericktown branch of the Ozark Regional Library.

Comnick also has a monthly crowdfunding program on Patreon to help support other audio releases of his other books.

“Currently our goal is to raise funds to pay for an audio version of my new adult series, ‘The Hunter and The Bringer’, with two talented and fantastic professional narrators, one male and one female, to absorb you into this world of sarcastic realm and monster hunting,” Comnick said. “I have a Patreon and it’s full of beautiful bright stars that make my world amazing and my dreams even sweeter because now they’re our dreams.

Comnick said customers can select tiers to access exclusive products, videos, stories, first looks, previews and more.

“I look forward to more adventures and including my community in them,” Comnick said. “Keep shining, all of you.

Victoria Kemper is a reporter for the Democrat News. She can be reached at 573-783-3366 or [email protected]


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