Omar Scott’s The Hands of Love reissue is an urban fiction book to discover in 2021


SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2021 / Omar Scott, famous author of the new book Faithful to a fault, announced the reissue of his popular novel Hands of love: EVERYBODY HAS A DARK CTÉ! This gritty urban thriller was partially inspired by Scott’s friend, a straight college student from a loving home whose good life turned into a dark and violent affair until its tragic end.

Hands of love follows the life of Lorenzo “Ren” Love, a soft-spoken veteran detective with too many secrets to count. He cleverly juggles his young son, his loving wife and his needy mistress at home while managing a unit of dirty cops at work. Ren has always been cunning at getting out of difficult situations, but his “bad boy” ways are getting harder to hide. With his personal life unraveling, Home Affairs sniffing, and the mounting evidence linking him to a series of brutal murders, it will take all of Ren’s street cunning and intelligence to find a way out.

With an edgy voice and lively world-build, Scott’s work is perfect for fans of Sistah Souljah, Donald Goines, and Eric Jerome Dickey. Hands of love masterfully blends elements of suspense and mystery into the larger genre of urban fiction. Scott’s characters are both relevant and imperfect, making Ren an imperfect protagonist who thrives in the gray area between good and evil.

Thematically, Hands of love is consistent with the author’s previous work in offering the same sense of austere realism and the underlying theme of self-discovery through ordeal. Hands of love explores the multifaceted question of what it means to be ‘good’, while Faithful to a fault dissects the haunting nature of the past.

Critics describe Hands of love as “raw” and the end as “explosive”. The author has the unique ability to create and maintain tension throughout the novel without sacrificing character development or pace. It’s clear that Omar Scott is a powerful thriller writer to watch.

Hands of love: EVERYBODY HAS A DARK CTÉ! and Scott’s other works, such as Faithful to a fault, are available for purchase on or wherever the books are sold.

Author Omar Scott left Los Angeles and moved to Dallas as a child. He attended El Centro and Mountain View College, where he studied creative writing. He begins to write urban fiction and publishes his first book, Troubled waters, on in 2008. Scott has since released four more titles. Follow his work with the hashtag #Voice of the street.

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