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If you’re ever looking for a great conversation piece, try asking people what they’re reading. What people read can give us a great insight into their hobbies, passions, and interests, and it helps open up a fun and engaging discussion. It’s also one of those questions that I find myself answering as well. Depending on when this question arises, my answer will determine my answer, as I have been following the same reading pattern for many years now.

In addition to my Bible, blogs, columns, and industry news, I read between 40 and 50 books a year. And the cycle of reading that I tend to follow is this: a book based on faith; business book; Biography; the story; then a fictional book. For me, this provides insight into areas that help me personally and professionally, while also helping me prepare for conversations with family members, friends, people I meet socially, and my clients. I find the different perspectives extremely useful in understanding how others view things that are happening in our world.

At this time of year, the question of what to read comes up a lot. Many of you email me asking for recommendations throughout the year, and during the holiday season, as people are looking for gift ideas, the question comes up more and more frequently. So here is what I recommend this year by following the pace mentioned above:

Faith: “2 Chairs” by Bob Beaudine; “Grace” by Max Lucado; “Lead Like Jesus” by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges; “Bethlehem” by Max Lucado; “Hope for Every Day” by Billy Graham.

Company: “The Expansion Sale” by Erik Peterson and Tim Riesterer; “The Trade Secrets of the Bible” by Rabbi Daniel Lapin; “10 Virtues of Leadership for Times of Disruption” by Tom Ziglar; “The New Psychology of Victory” by Denis Waitley; “Traction” by Gino Wickman

Biographies: “Joy” by Joy Clausen Soto; “Boyd” by Robert Coram; “Where Men Gain Glory” by Jon Krakauer; “Washington: A Life” by Ron Chernow; “Colin Powell: My American Journey” by Colin Powell

Story: “True Raiders” by Brad Ricca; “The Crazy Horse Voyage” by Joseph M. Marshall III; “In the Eye of the Hurricane” by Nathaniel Philbrick; “No Easy Day” by Mark Owen; “The Johnstown Flood” by David McCullough

Fiction: “Evening and Morning” by Ken Follett; “Fast Ice” by Clive Cussler; “Win” by Harlan Coben; Nelson DeMille’s “Plum Island”; Paulo Coehlo’s “The Alchemist”

Maybe you are following a different reading cycle. Maybe someone you know will be interested in one of the books I’ve mentioned here, so hopefully this list is helpful to you in some way.

Each of us has our favorite books and authors. Some of us enjoy our books which we can physically touch and hold, including me. Others prefer their e-reader. And there are many who like to consume their stories through audiobooks. Whatever our preferences, whatever our favorite authors, and however we choose to take a mental, emotional and spiritual journey by engaging with our favorite books, the important thing is that we take the time to expand our horizons by reading as much as we can. can and from as many sources as possible.

And you? Are you another voracious reader? What are you reading these days? Is it time to mix it up a bit and start reading something new? Have you shared your reading list with others? I’d love to hear all about what you’re reading now, or even your favorite books from the past, at [email protected] And when we can broaden our thinking through what others are writing and sharing, it will truly be a better year than a good one.

Michael Norton is the grateful CEO, personal and professional coach, and consultant, trainer, encouragement and motivator for businesses of all sizes.


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