NEWS WATCH: Publisher TKO Studios Launches TKO Rogue Literary Imprint


Independent publisher TKO Studios has announced the launch of TKO Rogue, a new imprint dedicated to the publication of novels and fictions illustrated by a range of dynamic authors and creators from the literary worlds and pop culture.

TKO Studios was founded in 2018 and since then has been acclaimed by a growing list of well-known comic book and graphic novel creators and an innovative ‘frenzy release model’ that simultaneously releases entire series in periodical editions and collected, in print and digital formats. With popular creative teams like candidate Eisner FEEL Jeff Lemire & Gabriel Walta, THE BANKS’ Roxane Gay and Ming Doyle, and SARA Garth Ennis & Steve Epting, to new offers for all ages like DJELIYA by Juni Ba, and SCALES & SCREENPLAYERS, by Sebastian Girner & Galaad, TKO has become known for publishing great comics and seeks to make similar forays into the worlds of fiction and illustrated prose with the launch of TKO Rogue.

The first titles of TKO Rogue are scheduled to be released in print and digitally on January 11, 2022 and include the occult thriller, BROOD X, by Eisner-nominated writer Joshua Dysart (UNKNOWN SOLDIER, BPRD), and acclaimed artist MK Perker, and ONE EYE OPEN, a murder mystery by New York Times bestselling author, Alex Grecian (THE YARD) and the artist Andrea Mutti.


  • by Joshua Dysart and MK Perker
  • Printing MSRP: $ 9.99
  • Release Date: January 11

With the red scare rising and the looming fear of a nuclear war gripping the nation, seven workers gather in the sweltering heat of an Indiana summer to undertake a curious project: to build a bomb shelter. – bombs in the middle of nowhere. But when the emergence of a once-in-a-century cicadas swarm results in an increasingly unlikely series of accidental deaths at the site, survivors begin to look at each other with more than mere suspicion. And for good reason.

One of them has already heard the maddening song of the cicadas.


  • by Alex Grecian & Andrea Mutti •
  • Printing MSRP: $ 9.99
  • Release Date: January 11

After the sudden death of her mother, Laura and her daughter Juniper return to their childhood home in rural Denmark. In the picturesque village in the middle of the seas of wheat fields, Laura
hope they finally left the tragedy behind. Then Juniper notices something strange about the people she meets, the same people who have worked in these fields for centuries.
Tracing his lineage through his mother and beyond, Juniper makes a horrific discovery. This city is alive with more than nature, and the endless wheat fields beg to be harvested, whether the hands that make it are alive or dead …

Tze Chun, the co-founder of TKO Studios, said of the new footprint:

“The launch of TKO Rogue is the next step in the evolution of TKO Studios and connects the dynamic worlds of fictionalized fiction and comics with the work of a renowned duo of award-winning bestselling authors and artists from international fame, ”said Tze Chun, co-founder of TKO Studios. “We invite readers to take advantage of these new books and join us as we develop an exciting list of original prose titles. “

LAYER X & AN OPEN IT both release Jan. 11, 2022 from TKO Rogue, TKO Studios’ new imprint

NEWS WATCH: Publisher TKO Studios Launches TKO Rogue Literary Imprint

Author: Brent Jackson

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