Netflix Shares Exciting News About Future ‘Heartstopper’ Seasons


Netflix has just announced the very exciting news that their new teen rom-com series, Heart strokewas renewed for seasons two and three.

“We were delighted with the global reaction to Heart stroke and I can’t wait to continue the story with two more seasons. Watch this place!” gushed Heart stroke writer and illustrator Alice Oseman.

Netflix’s beloved queer teen show is based on a series of graphic novels written by Oseman, who also served as a writer and executive producer for the adaptation, which premiered on the streaming service last month.

Heart stroke is the story of Charlie and Nick who meet at an all-boys school, become friends, and soon discover that a romance is blossoming between them. Over the course of the series, Charlie and Nick fall in love with each other.

Along the way, they realize there is a strong community of allies and friends around them, helping them access their authentic selves, but also teaching them that there is no “good way” to get out.

Capturing the hearts of many, the series quickly became a huge hit and even caused the Heart stroke graphic novels to pull into the book charts once again, with the first volume currently at number one on the YA fiction list in the US, it’s on the New York Times US bestseller list and book sales increased 1700%.

Garnering a huge following, the series has fans from all over the world of all ages and walks of life, including a few famous personalities – Kerry Washington and Michelle Visage, to name a few.

Now fans can bask in the joy and relief that this heartwarming, wholesome show is going to stick around for quite some time, as Charlie, Nick and the whole gang return for two more seasons of Heart stroke.


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