Museu Nacional da Imprensa (National Press Museum) – Porto, Portugal


The Museu Nacional da Imprensa (National Press Museum) is located at the eastern end of the city of Porto, near the Freixo marina, at the mouth of the Tinto river, on the banks of the Douro river. Open since 1997, the museum has one of the most important collections in the world related to printing and graphic arts.

The mission of the museum to inventory and preserve the typographical and printed heritage of Portugal, as well as to promote cultural activities, from an anthropological, educational and tourist point of view. With the motto “the pleasure of culture”, the mission of the M museum is also part of the promotion of the history of the press and graphic arts, in the context of the evolution of society.

The museum’s permanent exhibition allows you to see how the printing of books, textbooks and newspapers has evolved from the time of Gutenberg to the present day. It contains thousands of parts from all over the world, from wooden letters (types) to giant machines where thousands of daily newspapers have been printed.

In the museum, you can touch certain objects, see how they worked, and even try out the composition and feel of the time. The museum usually hosts the Porto Cartoon World Festival every year, considered one of the biggest cartoon festivals in the world.


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