Michael B. Jordan’s African-American Superman Series Adds Writers


Michael B. Jordan is working in the role of producer on a future series for HBO Max who would recount the adventures of Superman African American known as Val-Zod. In this case, it is not the classic character of CC, Clark kent, but a native version of the altar with another survivor from planet Krypton that was doomed to explode. At first there was talk of a movie, but Jordan didn’t come to an agreement with Warner.

Now, they’ve confirmed via Deadline that this project has added a creative team in charge. Who are the screenwriters? Is about Darnell Metayer and Josh Peters, who worked in the future “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” and in the series “The black mafia family. This new challenge is important in the careers of the two professionals who will have to define the history of Val-Zod On TV.

The new Superman series has writers

We don’t know yet if Michael B. Jordan will act as a hero in his own production, but his name has been used several times to replace Henri cavill like the man of steel in the DC Extended Universe. ??Val-Zod will exist at the same time as the version we know Superman with the actor of The witcher? We don’t have that answer yet.

Something needs to be clarified: there are currently two projects for Superman and in both cases, it is an African American character. The first is the production in charge of Michael B. Jordan for HBO Max. The second is the responsibility of JJ Abrams and tells the story of a Clark kent Color. It is not yet known whether they will be attached to the DC Extended Universe that we know today. Maybe the multiverse is the solution!

In graphic novels, Val-Zod comes from Earth-2 and its existence on Krypton is closely linked to that of Kal-El. Why? This character was raised by Lara and Jor-El, after their parents were apparently executed. In this universe, Val and Kal survive the plague on their home planet. When the Superman original dies, it is the responsibility of Val-Zod continue your legacy.

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