Mayor Boyer and Action Laval councilor agree on common objectives

Mayor Stéphane Boyer, on the left, and Action Laval councilor for St-Vincent-de-Paul Paolo Galati have agreed to work together on several issues affecting eastern Laval, including Vieux Pen (pictured behind them).

The mayor of Laval Stéphane Boyer and the municipal councilor of Action Laval de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Paolo Galati say they have agreed on two major issues affecting the east of Laval: the future of the Old penitentiary of Saint-Vincent -de-Paul and the extension of boul. Saint-Martin. East.

Le Vieux Pen, recognized by the federal government as a national historic site for many years, has deteriorated further since it has been vacant near the center of the village of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul.

The Boyer administration and Action Laval have agreed that a working committee on technical issues will be set up by the city council and will develop recommendations to municipal and federal leaders for the future of the former prison site.

As for the extension of boul. Saint-Martin. To the east, the City of Laval has been planning for years to extend Laval’s busy Main Street east into the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and Saint-François neighborhoods.

For now, the plan, as understood by the municipal administration and Action Laval, is to speed up the file and consult the upper levels of government on the possibility of implementing a type of transportation system along the axis in order to unite the east and the west of Laval. sectors.

“It is a pleasure to work on major projects in a spirit of collaboration,” said Mayor Boyer in a press release about the new working relationship between the administration and Action Laval.

“I am sure that by speaking with one voice, these priority files will make their way more easily and more quickly. After all, it is the citizens who will come out on top. Eastern Laval has great development potential and we are committed to doing so now.

“I’ve been working on this file for a very long time,” Galati said. “By collaborating with the mayor, we are sending a strong message to the federal government to get this project off the ground. As several solutions in the borough are affected by this file, this is excellent news for all of eastern Laval. »

City public libraries hold first used book sale in two years

Last weekend, it was time for hundreds of Laval book readers to head to the Cartier Arena in Pont-Viau for the first sale of used books and other library materials and documents since 2019, just before the start of the Covid pandemic.

The most recent sale of used books and other materials from the municipal library took place last weekend.

From Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1, more than 100,000 items — a record, according to library officials — went on sale. They included softcover and hardcover volumes, comics in French and English, CDs and DVDs. All were available for purchase at $3 a kilo, $1 an item, and the magazines at 10 cents apiece.

“Every year, the sale of the library is eagerly awaited by all Laval residents,” said Sainte-Rose municipal councilor Flavia Alexandra Novac, responsible for files involving the municipal library. “It’s an opportunity to make new cultural discoveries at a very good price, to update the home library, or perhaps even to develop a passion for reading.

Although library officials haven’t calculated the numbers for this year’s sale, the 2019 event attracted more than 4,000 customers over three days, while 89% of the books and other materials available were sold. and 4,200 books were donated to non-profit organizations. as donations.

STL strike called off after union and management reach agreement

The Société de transport de Laval and the union of 625 STL bus drivers have reached an agreement in principle, thus avoiding a general strike that could have disrupted bus service in Laval this summer.

A strike that was due to take place this week has been called off, according to union representatives.

The drivers’ local of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) confirmed the decision last Friday, while the final details remained to be settled. The strike was to take place from May 3 to 10.

The exact contents of the tentative agreement were not immediately revealed, as union officials said they wanted to consult with members first. As things stand, a general meeting of members will be held on May 12 to vote on the tentative agreement. The last collective agreement for STL bus drivers had expired in August 2019. The dispute was mainly about wages.


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