Library on Wheels Reaching Spokane Communities


Mobile library services are for patrons who cannot easily travel to Spokane’s 11 libraries.

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. – The Spokane County Library District (SCLD) has expanded library services with its Mobile Services Department and Libraries in Neighborhoods and Communities (LINC) to create the new Service Library Vehicle mobiles.

Some of the ways mobile services are expanding include delivering books through the mail, bringing materials to facilities, and visiting communities with CLIC.

“Designed with flexibility in mind, LINC offers a traditional walk-in bookmobile service with a wide variety of books, DVDs, CDs and other items for community members to browse and view,” said Doug Stumborough, Director SCLD transactions in a statement.

People can also borrow materials from the Library on Wheels, connect to Wi-Fi for their mobile, use a library computer, and print their files using the library’s mobile printing option.

“One of LINC’s greatest values ​​is that it allows us to regularly bring materials, services, and programs found in our physical locations to neighborhoods and communities in Spokane County that don’t have a library. nearby,” Stumborough said. .

The LINC Mobile Library will be at one of the many celebrations, fairs and community events this summer in the Spokane area.

People are encouraged to stop by if they see the CLIC mobile library in their communities to explore its available materials and resources as well as the mobile library experience. In the fall, LINC will have a regular shutdown schedule for different communities across the county.

For more information on Mobile Services, visit SCLD online site.


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