Legendary Comics Created A Trick ‘R Treat Omnibus, But There’s Only One Way To Own It


It might seem a bit strange at first that Legendary Comics would set up a Kickstarter for this specific project. After all, it’s owned by Legendary Entertainment, which the LA Times says is worth over two billion dollars. This decision probably comes down to the fact that it will not be sold in stores. According to the Kickstarter page, the book is already finished, but with some blank characters for those who pledge more than $1,500. This means that all they need is to manage the publication, which they will likely use the money raised through the Kickstarter to fund.

The thing is, many regular consumers outside of horror fans aren’t familiar with “Trick ‘R Treat,” despite its ongoing re-evaluation. Chances are that working with retailers would only increase production costs, and with its relatively small audience, sales of the omnibus probably couldn’t turn a profit. Cutting out the retailer middleman and distributing the omnibus directly to fans via Kickstarter will likely save a ton of money, increasing its chances of profitability and increasing fan goodwill by going directly to them.

If you’re looking to be one of those fans, check out the “Trick ‘R Treat 15th Anniversary Omnibus Collection” Kickstarter campaign. You still have 15 days to secure your digital or physical copy of this killer book.


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