JCPL Chronicle: Develop your presence on social networks at JCPL


Nowadays, social media plays an important role in many of our lives. Whether it’s what we post or the content we consume, it’s become a staple of this generation, especially as influencer culture becomes more mainstream. However, reaching a large number of subscribers may seem unrealistic to most. But, there is a growing amount of free resources around you that can help grow your social media platform, including but not limited to Johnson County Public Library.

The most obvious JPCL resource is of course books. Whether it’s the niche your content is based on or general books about your internet presence, we have all of these topics (and more) available in print, eBook or audiobook. Our collections have a wide variety of titles such as “Instagram Influencer Secrets” by Charlotte Sterling or “Social Media Made Me Rich” by Matthew Loop.

If you can’t find the exact title you’re looking for, the interlibrary loan feature is useful for that exact reason. It makes virtually any book accessible through a program that allows you to borrow non-JCPL items from other libraries across the country. Simply request a title online, over the phone, or in person at one of our reference offices.

As for the act of creating content itself – there are many different resources you can take advantage of in the stuff library, which is exactly what it sounds like – stuff that can be checked out by incumbents JCPL card.

There are experience passes that offer free or reduced entry to local attractions that can be checked out for up to a week, depending on location. Cardholders can choose from a variety of attractions including the Indiana Museum of Medical History, Franklin Family Aquatic Center and more. Checking out these experience passes and visiting these places can be great material to write up a review of your experience, a quick photo shoot, or to include in a list of local recommendations for your audience. Not to mention, these are all just fun experiences with or without social media.

Along with this, mobile hotspots can be checked. They provide internet connection for up to 10 devices and you can borrow them for up to two weeks. You must hold a JCPL card and be at least 18 years old. These can extend your internet access to places you don’t usually have it so you can post on the go.

The object library also contains a variety of board games, baking kits, and instruments. Whatever the subject of your posts on your platform, there is something that dives into your interests.

When it comes to editing the content you produce, desktops and laptops are available. Borrow a laptop and relax in the library’s public areas, or reserve a study room for more privacy.

The aforementioned resources, as well as many others, can help with the production and publication of your social media content, and therefore the growth of your platform. For a complete list of resources and details available at each JCPL branch, visit

Jasmin Sohal is an employee of the Johnson Clark Pleasant Branch County Public Library. JCPL staff members write this bi-monthly column for the Daily Journal. Send feedback to [email protected]


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