How The Heartstopper Trailer Differs From The Graphic Novel


The Netflix Trailer Heart stroke just released, based on the popular webcomic, which has now been released as a graphic novel series, by Alice Oseman. Heart stroke follows teenager Charlie Spring as he befriends and gradually falls in love with his schoolmate, Nick Nelson. The graphic novel also shows Nick and Charlie’s respective friends and families, with a focus on love in all its forms. The trailer for the TV series seems to closely follow the graphic novel, with one big difference.

It looks like season 1 of Heart stroke will primarily focus on Volume 1 of the graphic novel, in which Charlie meets Nick on the first day of the new semester after being paired up in the same class. The two then form a close friendship that gradually grows into something more, with Charlie long believing her feelings for Nick are unrequited. The adaptation trailer teases this story in a way that appears to be very similar to the graphic novel.

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Nick and Charlie are sitting in class.

the Heart stroke The trailer begins with Charlie talking to his sister, Tori, about his hypothetical ideal boy. As in the graphic novel, Tori seems to play an important role in the series as Charlie’s friend, sister, and confidante. Charlie then meets Nick in class, just like he did in the graphic novel, and begins to form a close friendship with him. Charlie tells his friends, Tao, Elle and Isaac, about his crush on Nick. Tao and Elle then tell Charlie not to hope, as they both believe that Nick is straight. This is very similar to the graphic novel, as Charlie also had a crush on Nick early in their friendship and talked with his friends about this crush. However, there is a big difference; Isaac did not exist in the graphic novel.

In the graphic novel that Heart stroke is based on, Charlie and Tao’s third friend is not Isaac, but rather a boy named Aled Last. Aled plays a rather minor role in the graphic novel Heart stroke and is primarily there as a friend and support system for Charlie. However, Oseman has created a universe of crossover stories throughout his novels and graphic novels. Aled may not be so crucial to Heart strokebut he plays a major role in Oseman’s novel Radio silence. When asked why Aled wouldn’t appear on the show, Oseman replied with a Tweeter.

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Tara and Darcy walk ahead of Nick and Charlie.

They wrote: “Putting Aled into the adaptation would do his character a disservice. I couldn’t flesh out his character or give him a satisfying arc without changing his backstory from RADIO SILENCE. It would also prevent me from ever m ‘adapt RADIO SILENCE as a separate show/movie.’ In his heart, Radio silence is about protagonist Frances Janvier’s friendship with Aled. Aled experiences a lot of development and growth throughout this novel. It plays a much more important role in Radio silence than he does in Heart strokeso ultimately replacing Aled with new character Isaac allows the show to develop into its own story, separate from Radio silence.

In addition to replacing Aled with Isaac, the Netflix adaptation of Heart stroke seems to be very similar to the graphic novel it is based on. Tara and Darcy, a couple who befriend Nick and Charlie, are featured in the trailer alongside Tao and Elle. Charlie also joins the rugby team in the trailer, although it looks like rugby may play a bigger role in the series than in the graphic novel. All in all, if the trailer is any indication, Heart stroke will essentially be his graphic novel that will come to life and stay true to its source material.

Heartstopper will air on Netflix on April 22..

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