Heavy Metal Announces ‘Metalverse’ With Action-Packed Teaser


heavy metal wants a piece of this universe pie! The long-time iconic publisher of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror has announced something big. The Metalverse, the project will be a list of live and animated shows and movies! CBR brings us the news. The trailer for this project can be seen below.

The trailer begins with snippets from various interviews with notable directors of all stripes, ranging from Ridley Scott, Guillermo Del Toro, and Jon Favreau, and zooms out until we see the Heavy Metal Log before switching to the black. Next, we are introduced to Taarna, the star of the first Heavy Metal movie and symbol of all things Heavy Metal. Taarna puts on her famous outfit, her sword, and goes into battle!


This is where we get a range of upcoming projects! Taarna, dead cold war, dark wing, Arena Mode, Adrian James, sun eater, wild circus, swamp god, and many more to come! The trailer boasts that the project will span over 150 properties in the Heavy Metal library, before zooming out to showcase previous titles in a sea of ​​others. “Buckle, the F-, Up” we are warned as a clipshow of all kinds of mayhem flies before our eyes! That’s a big promise!

A journey beyond the future

Heavy Metal is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, and they’re celebrating with a bang. The publisher is best known not only for its magazine, but also for its 1981 feature film of the same name. The film, an anthology film based on various short stories, is a lava lamp of weirdness and unforgettable action.

Tommy Coriale, President and Head of Studio at Heavy Metal, presented the preview with great enthusiasm at San Diego Comic-Com. Coriale still promises so much fun and excitement with the new project.

“As heavy metal magazine changed the way the world looked at comics and how the 1981 animated film heavy metal changed animation forever, Heavy Metal Studios is poised to take the reins of live content and push it far beyond its current stagnation and to new heights. Things will never be the same again.”

Attendees of the Heavy Metal panel were also treated to a sneak peek at the upcoming anime TV series Moon Lake. The show is created by Dan Fogler and based on his anthology graphic novel series. The series is reportedly still in development and will be a co-production between Heavy Metal, Fogler, executive producer Daniel Powell and Bardel Entertainment. Bardel is known for shows like rick and morty and The Teen Titans Go! Moon Lake will be a 30-minute animated television show hosted by the Man in the Moon, a host held captive by “moon men.” He tries to distract the aliens from attacking Earth by distracting them with gruesome “horror and hilarity” stories.

Comic-Con attendees will be able to visit the Heavy Metal Booth (#1529), where they can purchase books, merchandise and convention exclusives such as special edition issues of their iconic magazine and new 45th anniversary apparel . The stand will also be the venue for book signings by acclaimed Heavy Metal authors throughout the weekend!


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