Hades is the first video game to win a Hugo award


Hades becomes the first video game in history to win the Hugo Award, which is a literary award given annually for the best fantasy or science fiction work of the year. Since 1953, the Hugo Award has honored science fiction and fantasy literature, and this year it was nominated for best video game. This is the first time that the Hugo Awards have given out the award for best video game, and this is why the award is presented for the first time to Hades.

Credit @ Supergiant Games

Hades of Supergiant Games is the first video game to win the prestigious Hugo Award. Over a year later, the game still has a significant impact on all major consoles and PCs, and it is sure to grow even further, as it won the Hugo Award this weekend and became the first video game to receive. this honor. Although this is only a unique category introduced this year, a permanent award is under consideration. Since its release, Hades has won several other awards, including GDC’s Game of the Year and BAFTA’s Best Game, Artistic Achievement, Game Design, Storytelling and Supporting Actor (Logan Cunningham).

Hades launched on PC and Nintendo Switch last September and hit Xbox Series X / S and PS5 in August. Hades has quickly established itself as the most entertaining and popular indie game of recent years since its debut on PC and Nintendo Switch on September 17, 2020.

Hades is a reimagining of classical Greek mythology. This latest award from the prestigious Literary Prize adds another reason to play Aida. Hades also won nine awards at the inaugural Global Industry Game Awards in August. Along with Hades, several other games were nominated for the award. The Hugo Awards have been presented to impeccable works of science fiction and fantasy since 1953, thanks to an ever-evolving series of lessons – the Finest Graphic Story class was not added until 2009. This award will give fans a reason to celebrate fun and meaningful games. The gaming industry is no doubt hoping that next year the possibility of receiving a permanent award in this category will be considered.

Credit @ Supergiant Games

The Hugo 2021 Awards have been administered by the DisCon III Hugo Awards Administrative Subcommittee since Worldcon 2021 and all decisions regarding the eligibility and management of nominations are the sole responsibility of the committees. The DisCon III / 2021 Worldcon Hugo Awards webpage contains instructions on how to access the online form for nominations for the 2021 Hugo Awards and links to the PDF versions of the paper nomination form. Hades remains the most played PS5 and Xbox Series X title on Metacritic. While both Worldcon 2020 and 2021 attendees are eligible to apply for the 2020 awards, only Worldcon 2021 attendees can vote in the final vote. Hades for PC and Nintendo Switch, previously released last September and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response and receiving the highest ratings from Eurogamer in our Hades review, has finally become our Game of the Year for 2020.

Since the 2010s, this prestigious award, comprising the award for best novel, the award for best short story and the award for best graphic novel, has a slightly international outlook and recognizes, among other things, some of the best science fiction novels. and fantasy. free. English circle. He won 8 Hugo Awards, 4 Nebula Awards, 2 World Fantasy Awards, 6 Bram Stoker Awards and 18 Track Awards. Hades has won awards for 2D animation, 2D character design, UI art, voice acting, system design, UI / UX, dialogue, storytelling design and limitation. Several skins have rated it as the best game of the year and have become one of the most successful games in recent years.


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