Grady Hendrix Makes His Comic Book Debut in DIABLO HOUSE Horror Kickstarter


Grady Hendrix is ​​one of the most exciting horror writers working today and he’s now making his comic book debut with Diablo House!

Warning: contains preview images for Diablo House!

Clover Press launched a Starter for Diablo House, a new anthology that will mark the successful novelist by Grady Hendrix debut in comics. The new anthology, inspired by the 2018s Diablo House graphic novel, will feature brand new prose stories from some of the best horror authors, as well as the first comic book written by acclaimed author Grady Hendrix and illustrated by Damien Worm.

Grady Hendrix burst onto the literary scene in 2014 with Horror, a novel about a haunted department store that served as a scathing condemnation of consumerism. Hendrix followed up with a series of horror comedy novels such as My Best Friend’s Exorcism and The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Killing Vampires. These books were a hit with fans and critics, appearing on numerous bestseller lists, as well as year-end “best-of” lists. In addition to novels, Hendrix has published numerous articles in magazines such as Playboy and The New York Post; he also worked as a film critic. Now Grady Hendrix can add a comic book writer to his impressive resume with the publication of the story “Room 1616” in the next Diablo House anthology. The anthology is coming soon, but ScreenRant is happy to bring readers an exclusive first look at Diablo Houseavailable soon from Clover Press.


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The campaign’s Kickstarter page has gone live, providing all the details of the project. As mentioned earlier, the book will largely consist of prose stories, with the exception of Hendrix’s. No plot details of Hendrix’s story, titled “Room 1616,” have been revealed, but readers were treated to a preview of Worm’s art, shared below. Other contributors to Diablo House include award-winning Bram Stoker author Nancy Holder as well as Jon Cohn, David Winnick, Nate Murray, Shaun Harris, Scott Duvall and Erik Burnham. The 168-page hardcover will feature the story of Hendrix and Worm as a full-color insert; it will also be accompanied by a foreword by Diablo House co-creator Ted Adams and a new cover from co-creator Santiperez.

Diablo house cover

The Story of Grady Hendrix Room 1616 at Diablo House

Diablo House Contributor Photos

Over the past decade, Grady Hendrix has established himself as one of horror’s most exciting talents, infusing comedic elements into the genre. Hendrix is ​​also aware of the traditions in which he writes and subverts them at every turn. Hendrix’s style makes him particularly suited to comics, and now he’ll be making his comic-writing debut with Diablo House and “Room 1616”. While no word has been given if Hendrix will write additional comics, his talents lend themselves well to many supernatural/horror-themed comic book characters, such as Swamp Thing, John Constantine, or Doctor Strange. .

Clover Press’ Starter for Diablo House has begun, and this new volume promises to be the best yet, marking the comic book writing debut of Grady Hendrix. To verify Diablo House‘s Kickstarter when it launches tomorrow!

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