Gifts from 10 brands owned by blacks


Works of art. Internationally renowned artist and native of Atlanta Fahamu Pécou makes his works affordable and accessible through stylish, spacious and functional tote bags. Styles like coconut and honey as well as mules and men feature vivid and provocative themes that challenge and expand expressions of darkness. Art lovers and bibliophiles alike will appreciate the numbered and signed prints showcasing black masculinity and influential books. Prints include “Heavy,” named after Kiese Laymon’s book, as well as “Parable of the Sower” for Octavia Butler’s book. The aforementioned prints are part of a special series entitled “Trapademia II: Lit”. Tote bag, $ 39.99; print, $ 425.

Credit: Kate Blohm

The chef’s touch. Atlanta Chief, Author and James Beard Foundation Impact Fellow Jennifer hill booker offers a taste of its southern roots with a four-piece holiday spice set featuring fun flavor jars such as Baby It’s Cold Outside Chili Seasoning and Deep South All Salt Seasoning. Home cooks will enjoy sprinkling chicken, burgers, vegetables, pasta, or even garnishing a cocktail glass with the appropriate spice. For those who want to start recording Mom’s or Grandma’s special recipes or create new ones, add the gift of a Cookcentric cookbook journal that has space for 50 recipes, wine notes and cocktails, cooking steps and more. Spices, $ 56; newspaper, $ 9.95.

Raise your glasses to a salute of cheers with a trio of wines from the McBride Sisters Collection.

Credit: McBride Sisters Collection

Wine no. Celebrate the holidays with fruity and full-bodied bottles of wine with the McBride sisters Black Girl Magic trio collection. The 2020 Riesling is aromatic with hints of honey and apricot, making it ideal for Cajun or seafood dinners with the family. The charcuterie boards with cheese and charcuterie pair well with the bottle of rosé 2020 with flavors of raspberry and orange blossom with just the right amount of acidity. For hearty meals, pour in the 2018 zinfandel. Of course, these are recommendations as these three wines can be tasted while relaxing for a quiet evening or celebrating personal accomplishments throughout the year. Let’s drink to that. $ 64.97.

A card game featuring categories like Black Twitter and Family and Friends can provide hours of laughter and good times throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Credit: Courtesy of Target

For culture. Test your knowledge of the culture that ranges from Black Twitter to popular hashtags and things family and friends may have said with the card game Cultural labels. Available at Target, the game features fun questions and acronyms like WMTPS? and BISS. Participants can give their teammates clues to help them find these answers: Who made the potato salad? and because I said it, which is a popular phrase moms love to say. Over 300 cards are included in seven categories for endless hours of fun and memories. $ 24.08.

Make skin care a priority with a gift set designed for multicultural skin types.

Credit: Courtesy of Macy’s

Superficial. Designed specifically for multicultural skin tones, Buttah by Dorian Renaud is a large, three-piece skin care set that includes cleanser, vitamin C serum, and moisturizer. The trio of products help cleanse, exfoliate, protect and hydrate skin daily to promote healthy-looking skin throughout the holiday season and beyond those so important and those you love may have beautiful skin. as sweet as butter. Available at Macy’s. $ 59.99.

The gift of popcorn in six different varieties is a delicious and tasty gift.

Credit: Courtesy of Indulge Popcorn

Gourmet snacks. People who enjoy movie nights or a good snack will appreciate a six-bag sample set of tasty popcorn from the Atlanta-based company. Treat yourself to gourmet popcorn. A variety of flavors will be included and special requests can be made to make this gift feel and taste more personalized. $ 30. 177 Peters St. SW, Atlanta. 404-996-6907,

Little girls can be seen reflected in a doll with curly, textured hair named Zoe by Healthy Roots Lifestyle.

Credit: Michael Haug

Power of curl. Girls with curly, textured hair can be seen reflected in the Zoe Healthy Roots Doll which represents the diversity of black beauty. The doll has hair that can be washed with real products and styled into a myriad of looks like a curly twist and box braids. The 18 inch height and soft fabric body torso make it easy to pack up and go for play dates. Little girls can dress up in a matching outfit like Zoe who is wearing a heart shaped sweater, a white t-shirt and yellow Converse sneakers to create a twinsie day. Available at Target. $ 79.99.

The cover. A lightweight printed silk scarf is ideal for keeping hairstyles in place at night or as a fashion accessory during the day. Vibrant prints and geometric patterns make the scarves versatile and for flair opt for one called Doobie featuring a woman wearing her hair wrapped in a pin wrap and looking salon fresh. Created by T. Hix Art, the objects can be worn or displayed as works of art. $ 65 to $ 100.


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