Gifts for someone you just started dating while on vacation


Having fun with someone on vacation means not having to go to bachelorette parties, bar crawls, and all the other Christmas events. However, that also means navigating to the “Do I need to give you a present?” Section. »Riddle. If you’ve just started seeing someone and are excited about the direction things are going, the vacation can seem like a chance to show them how you feel. But how much is too much? And will they be totally out of whack if you show up with 12 individually wrapped gifts? (Probably yes.)

“At the start of a relationship, [gift giving] can feel a little awkward because you don’t know if they’ll give you a present as well, ”Trina Leckie, host of the Break Boost dating podcast, HuffPost reported. “But the important thing to keep in mind is that part of giving a gift isn’t automatically expecting something in return.”

Per Leckie, if you give your partner a gift just because you expect it in return, you’ll likely end up being disappointed and possibly a little resentful. Like romantic relationships in general, gifts should not be transactional. In other words, give him a gift because you feel good about it, not because you want him to give you something even better.

Of course, after you have made the choice to give a gift, you must decide what to give. While you may feel compelled to wow them with a weekend getaway or an expensive piece of jewelry, the relationship coach Shula melamed invites you to consider how appropriate a gesture seems to you. If you and your partner are both capital E, giving a holiday gift might seem like a good thing. Still, if your dates have been more casual or your crush seems more reserved, a genuinely expensive or exuberant gift can make them feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed.

“The idea of ​​a giveaway really matters,” Melamed said. “Since it’s early in the relationship, it’s also a great way to see how your new partner is receiving gifts. “

If you really want to be transparent, clinical psychologist Joshua Klapow add you can let them know that they are on your nice list. But you can also make it a surprise. “It’s the holiday season, ”he said. “It’s good to be spontaneous, but it’s also OK to say a bit, “I want to give you a little present. ‘”

The start of a relationship is supposed to be fun and loving. So to make you feel right at home, we’ve rounded up the best gifts to give to someone you’ve just started seeing while on vacation.

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Something small and thoughtful

“The key to a new relationship is to keep the gifts simple and heartfelt,” Klapow said. “Now is not the time to buy something that doesn’t make sense related to it.” Like Klapow sharing, giving a gift with a purpose makes the offering easier. Instead of “I really love you, so I bought you this item at random”, you can say, “I know you really love Billie Eilish, so I gave you this” Everything I did. ” wanted ”. ”

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A used book

“Is there a type of book they would like? Melamed asked. “Giving a gift early in a relationship can be a fun way to show the person that you really care about what they are passionate about or passionate about.”

What could be more casual than a book? A used book. They often only cost a few dollars and sometimes have fun written notes on them.

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A news token

“Something that references an internal joke or something that they mentioned in a conversation is great,” Leckie said. “It shows that you pay attention to detail. It’s also more original and personal.” If you’ve bonded with “Ted Lasso” for the first time or love to joke about the Spiderman meme, gifting them a Christmas tree ornament or a little trinket shows you care.

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Something that shows you are listening when they talk

“Is there a hobby they have that having props would improve on?” Melamed asked. “By giving them something that is connected to their interests, it shows that you are listening and that you like to see them having fun.”

If your date is starting to learn guitar, for example, gifting her with an inexpensive but practical item can be greatly appreciated.

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A succulent or other low-maintenance plant

For gardeners and plant killers, a succulent is a beautiful plant that is easy to care for. If your date collects plants or has mentioned wanting to build a larger collection, a small succulent makes the perfect low-key gift. “If you’ve only been dating for every other month, for example, buying something in the $ 25 range is a good thing,” Leckie said.

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Tickets to something you both love

“Think about gift experiences,” Damona Hoffman, OkCupid Dating Coach and Host of The Dates & Mates podcast, says HuffPost. “If you buy tickets to a concert or other event that you can attend together, it sends a clear message that you want to invest in the relationship for the long term.” For a giveaway that is really just a future date, give away your favorite seats at a sporting event or tickets to see a punk band they love.

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Good coffee or tea

Getting together for a hot drink is an easy and relaxed morning get-together. A bag of beans or a box of good tea makes a great “I like you, but I don’t really know you” gift.

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A vinyl record of an artist they love


If your date is a music adult, they may have shared their favorite bands early on. Whether they just love snooty lo-fi bands you’ve never heard of or they’re obsessed with Taylor Swift, a vinyl record is like poster and music all in one.

“The key is to be able to tell them Why you have the gift, “Klapow said.” It really is the thought that matters, and you have to be able to describe what that thought is. ”

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A nice bar of chocolate or candy

“At the very beginning of dating, you want to stay modest,” said Liam Barnett, founder of the website. DatingZest . “Don’t go with something big just to impress them.” According to Barnett, a good candy or a pretty wrapped chocolate bar makes a perfect gift.

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Fancy socks

“It’s too early to know if this is the person you’d want to spend hundreds on,” Barnett said. Instead of a new winter coat or pair of leather boots (or other big ticket items), Barnett suggests gifting your date with a pair of fun socks or a knit beanie.

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A scented candle in an elegant jar

“If you’re in a new relationship, you don’t want to overdo it,” Leckie said. “It’s the thoughtfulness that matters most.” Gifting your date with a lovely candle or handmade soap (something a little handcrafted, but without breaking the bank) shows that you are thinking about it, but not trying to overwhelm them.

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Bringing date flowers is a classic for a reason. You can buy a bouquet at the grocery store. They don’t last forever. And they bring color and joy to your kitchen table.

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Takeaway for two

If you’re not that comfortable with dining inside, or just want a relaxing evening at home, making your take-out date at their favorite spot is a gentle but thoughtful gesture.

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A six-pack (or whatever drink they like)

To really get into the holiday spirit, treat your date to a six-pack of their favorite beer or a bottle of a wine they love. For convenience, have it delivered. “Try something inexpensive that they maybe talked about on dates,” Kaplow said.

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A nice card

“Always include a map,” Leckie said. “A funny, loving man is ideal. You don’t want anything going overboard when you declare him the love of your life. Keep him light, personal, and thoughtful.”

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