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“With great power comes great responsibility.”

-Benjamin Parker

This wise advice, coming from the uncle of Peter Parker – aka Spiderman – suits the members of the Funky Heroes, whose out-of-this-world sound waves and infectious grooves could be soaring out into the cosmos right now, making aliens dance. without really knowing what is happening to them.

The Funky Heroes, playing at the Marina Lounge in Suisun City this Friday night, truly have sonic superpowers, taking inspiration from legendary 1970s funk artists.

The Funky Heroes are coming to Suisun City on Friday night (Contribution).

“When I was in high school, P-Funk was really hot, they were brand new,” said Andre Preston, Founder, Vocalist and Drummer of The Funky Heroes. “At first I didn’t quite get the concept until they came out with the album with the comics on it, and I was blown away, I was like, ‘Wow, now I have it. did, this man has a cartoon brain.

“That whole process was starting to come full circle for me, and so through that, I started making up my own stories because at the time, I was also learning to read music, and I was doing pretty well. in the program band at school, one of the best drummers in the school district, so I started this band.

Preston self-published two graphic novels in 1979 of his own comedic creations, and has brought the band to life on stage over the past few years, with things really picking up recently with gigs not just in clubs, but also in local comic book conventions.

“My wife was kind of like the last piece for that to come to fruition,” Preston said. “She is a multi-talented designer, saxophonist, dancer, stilt walker, artist. Basically, my soul mate, you know, definitely, and she said, “Why don’t you put this on stage, it’s too good to only be available in music.”

“Let’s bring these Funky Heroes to life. We started going to the drawing board, and she created most of the character-based costumes, and we just put our magic together.

If you are going to: The Funky Heroes, 8 p.m. Marina Lounge, 700 Main St. Suisun City. Tickets are $15 to $20. For more information, visit


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