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New Delhi, January 24

From dancing on broken glasses to negotiating with terrorists, from fighting an alligator to developing innovative measures to help patients with COVID-19, 29 children from across the country were conferred with the Pradhan Mantri Bal on Monday. Puraskar for their contribution.

The Bal Puraskar was awarded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who presented digital certificates to the winners using blockchain technology developed by IIT Kanpur.

Twenty-nine children, including 14 girls, were awarded in six areas: innovation, academic achievement, sports, arts and culture, social service and bravery. Each winner received a medal, a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000 and a certificate.

Remona Evette Pereira, 16, is a young Bharatnatyam performer and has staged various performances of dancing on broken glass, balancing on a mud pot and with fire, among other things.

His name also finds a mention in the ‘Golden Book Of World Record – London 2017’, ‘India Book Of Record 2017’ and ‘Bharat Book Of World Record 2017’.

Remona has been recognized for its excellence in the field of art and culture.

Gauri Maheshwari, 13, has not only shown mastery in calligraphy but has also registered her name in the Indian Book of Records, Asian Book of Records and International Book of Records as one of the youngest calligraphers.

Syed Fateen Ahmed, 13, has won various international piano competitions and is one of the youngest certified Indians to graduate in music. He says he aspires to put India on the world classical music map. He also performed on UNESCO’s World Art Day.

Dhritishman Chakraborty, 5, the youngest winner, can already sing in five languages ​​- Assamese, Sanskrit, Bengali, Hindi and English. He was named “youngest multilingual singer” by India Book of Records 2021.

The government rewarded 12-year-old Gurugu Himapriya for his immense bravery. During a terrorist attack in February 2018, at Sunjuwan Mil camp in Jammu, she kept one of the terrorists engaged in conversation for four to five hours despite being heavily hit by grenades. She also negotiated with the terrorist and thus prevented the families from becoming targets.

Shivangi Kale is another girl who was rewarded for her bravery. Less than six years old at the time of the incident, Shivangi’s presence of mind saved his sister and mother from electrocution and subsequent death.

Dhiraj Kumar, 14, has been rewarded for his brave act of saving his younger brother from an alligator in the Gandak River, a left bank tributary of the Ganges.

7-year-old Vishalini NC has invented “automatic multifunctional life-saving flood house” which can prevent drowning incidents during floods. A year ago, she became one of India’s youngest patent holders.

Jui Abhijit Keskar, 15, invented a wearable tremor profiling device named JTremor3D. She was inspired by her uncle who suffered from Parkinson’s disease and wanted to make his life easier. The device is in the form of a glove or a strap. She also developed JTremor Index to represent the tremor profile of a body. This analysis of the tremor profile can help neurologists when planning dosages.

Puhabi Chakraborti, 15, has developed a user interface to control a spirometer that helps deliver adequate amounts of oxygen and gas mixtures to COVID-19 patients. She has also developed an AI-based app for athletes to meet their nutritional needs.

Meedhansh Kumar Gupta, 12, has a keen interest in information technology and is a young application developer. It developed a dedicated portal providing all COVID-19 related information on a single platform at the start of the pandemic. He has been recognized for his excellence in the field of social service.

Abhinav Kumar Choudhary, 16, has developed an e-commerce platform to facilitate the buying and selling of second-hand books. The platform has provided books to over 10,000 students and resold over 30,000 books. His initiative has also contributed to environmental conservation. He has also developed a machine to promote the use of sanitary napkins and for their ecological disposal.

Aakarsh Kaushal, 17, has developed an MIS RTPCR portal to manage the COVID-19 situation in Karnal district of Haryana. The project has been extended to other districts in the state. It has also developed a dashboard for hospital bed availability for COVID-19 patients. He too was recognized for his excellence in the field of social service.

Arushi Kotwal, 17, has won several national and international chess medals. She has represented India several times in the Commonwealth Chess Championship. Arushi says she aspires to become the Grand Master. She has been recognized for her excellence in the field of sport.


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