Friends of the Library’s Annual Summer Sale Kicks Off Friday | New


Bookworms and collectors will have the opportunity this weekend to browse through thousands of used books, special edition and collectible books, DVDs and CDs at the annual Friends Summer Book Sale from the McCracken County Public Library.

The sale will be held at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at 211 S. 21st Street in Paducah on Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Except for specialist books and collector’s editions, most hardback and commercial editions. will cost $1 and most paperbacks will be sold for 50 cents. Media materials are priced individually.

Payments for the sale of the book can be made by cash, check or credit card. There is a $10 minimum for credit card purchases.

Cindy Crivello, president of the Friends group, and other Friends were setting up and unloading more than 30,000 books from more than 1,200 crates on Tuesday and sorting the books by gender in the gymnasium at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

Crivello said the books came from book donations from Friends members, the community and the McCracken County Public Library. Proceeds from the Summer Book Sale are donated to the library so that Friends can support the library’s various programs and offerings.

“Between the computer programs, the upstairs party, and all the children’s programs every week…we have a wonderful library for the size of our town. We can be very, very proud,” Crivello said.

McCracken County Public Library Director Justin Brasher said donations from the Friends of the Library group are helping with various efforts at the library, including an upcoming project to renovate the lighting and decor of both library entries.

“The McCracken County Public Library is thrilled to have such an active group of friends. Their generous donations help support our programs, increase our collection, and allow us to engage in beautification projects,” said Brasher.

“All Friends members – and those who purchase our book sales – will be able to see their hard-earned dollars in book sales at work every time they visit the library.”

The Saturday of the summer book sale is “bag day” where shoppers can fill a provided grocery bag with the remaining items on sale and pay a total of $5 for everything in the bag.

Shoppers stopping by the sale on Friday are encouraged to bring their own bags to take home their finds from the sale.

Crivello said Friday is a good day for shoppers looking to take the time to research specific books and authors, and Saturday is a good day for those looking to try out new authors or genres and stock up on their personal book collection.

The summer book sale began about 30 years ago in July 1992, where Crivello said library friends set up a small tent in the library parking lot. Since the first sale, Friends book sales have grossed approximately $450,000.

Information will also be available for joining the Friends of the McCracken County Public Library group during the summer book sale. Crivello said more than 300 families are Friends members. Band members also have the chance to go to the book sale on Thursday before the sale opens to the general public on Friday.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church will also hold a bake sale to benefit the church’s missionary work during the summer book sale.


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