Feeding Minds Press shares Norman Borlaug’s achievements with Next Generation


A new generation of learners can be freshly inspired by Norman Borlaug, the “Father of the Green Revolution,” thanks to the latest title from Feeding Minds Press, the publishing arm of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.

“Hero for the Hungry” tells the story of Borlaug, who has dedicated his life’s work to ending world hunger. Written by Peggy Thomas and illustrated by Sam Kalda, this is the first book of chapters from Feeding Minds Press, ideal for middle school readers.

“We are thrilled to introduce Norman Borlaug to today’s youth,” said Daniel Meloy, CEO of the Foundation. “With ‘Hero for the Hungry,’ we hope Norman Borlaug’s story of science and true American courage will inspire young readers to explore how they too can help solve the problems of hunger.”

This story follows Borlaug from his humble beginnings on a small farm in Iowa to his breakthrough innovation that helped feed millions in times of famine by improving the productivity of wheat, earning him a Nobel Prize. Peace.

“Hero for the Hungry” can be used in a variety of classrooms, from a science class studying genetics or an agriculture class covering agronomy to a biographical study in a history or English class .

The book also includes a timeline of events, a call to action, and sidebars with explanations of the science Borlaug used to produce improved wheat varieties. Free lesson plans are also available for educators, volunteers and parents. “Hero for the Hungry” is available for purchase directly from Feeding minds Press as well as through Barnes & Nobles Where Amazon.

About Feeding Minds Press:

Feeding Minds Press is a project of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. The mission of the Foundation is to make agriculture known and understood through education. The goal of Feeding Minds Press is to publish accurate and engaging agricultural books that connect readers to where their food comes from and who grows it.

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