False MEA letterhead used to apply for a French visa; CBI delivers 2 books each from Punjab and Haryana, launches investigation : The Tribune India


Tribune press service

New Delhi, September 11

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has registered an FIR against four people for allegedly sending a false Note Verbale (Diplomatic Note) on Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) letterhead to the French Embassy here with a visa application for two people each from Punjab and Haryana.

The FIR is the culmination of a preliminary investigation (PE) following a referral from the Police Liaison Non-Officer (DPLO) of the French Internal Security Service, Julian Noret of the French Embassy here.

The four accused are Yogesh and Baljeet Pahwa from Panipat and Harpreet Kaur and Surinder Pal Shinde from Kapurthala in Punjab.

The CBI received a reference dated February 7 this year from the DPLO of the French Embassy stating that a forged letter dated January 28 allegedly issued by the CPV Division of the MEA by which it was requested that the visa multiple-entry entry ticket for France is issued to Yogesh (Passport No: M 8804754) and Harpreet Kaur (Passport No: U-6165891).

“The reference reveals at first sight the operation of a major racketeering to misuse letters from the CPV Division of the Government of India/Ministry of External Affairs to obtain visas from foreign embassies,” reads the FIR, including one copy is with The Tribune.

Based on the referral, a PE was registered on March 23 and its outcome along with the referral from the French Embassy revealed the commission of offenses of association de malfaiteurs, cheating, forgery for the purpose of using fake document as genuine from Defendant Yogesh, Harpreet Kaur, Baljeet Pahwa and Surinder Pal Shinda and other unknowns.


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