Dr. Rick from Progressive discusses his new book


What are the things that could be discovered in your book?

Well, in the “Un-Talk Like Your Parents” section, it’s really an interactive section that engages the reader from the start. It’s extremely helpful because we’ve all had that moment where something comes out of our mouths and then you really recognize one of your branded parentages. One of the most important sections, really the shortest section, of the book is the Quick Tips on Wearing Windbreakers. In short, don’t do this.

The book comes out in the middle of the holiday season. What tips can you share for managing all that time with your family?

Family reunions – the cooking, gifts, and the general holiday spirit – can be a time when these parenting behaviors really kick in. You might be with your family and / or parents and slip into these behaviors more easily than you think. It’s really about looking around and not randomly unbuttoning pants and announcing how good the meal was and not giving out any facts about what the tryptophan in turkey does, for example. It can help you avoid slipping into those vacation “parentamorphosis” moments that you could normally do without having my book by your side.

As I go through my gift list, how can I identify who needs your book?

Well, really, this is a book for everyone. If you were lost in the woods you would want a card and it is a card for “Parentamorphosis”, both for people identifying “Parentamorphosis” in their family and friends around them and for those in pain. of “Parentamorphosis”. So the more you know about “Parentamorphosis” the easier it is to recognize, as I said, not only the signs in others, but the signs in yourself. Really, this is a book that is a home run for everyone.

The book is dedicated to your own parents. Tell me more about them.

Georges and Rose. Where would I be without George and Rose? They just taught me to follow my passions. I grew up on an apple farm. My dad ran the apple farm and my mom, Rose, ran a bakery right next to the house. Apple pies so fresh all year round. And what they taught me is what work ethic really is and finding my passion. And it took me a while, but when Parenta-Life and “Parentamorphosis” got to the door, I answered the call and have never been happier at any time in my life.

Do you have first hand experience suffering from the symptoms of “Parentamorphosis?” “

I am a victim who has found his way back. I remember the first time, looking down and seeing black socks and sandals. I had seen signs of this before, commenting on where the coffee beans were coming from in my coffee. I was just saying it. I wasn’t sure, but it was the right thing to say, so I said it. But, again, I came back and saw the signs and that was the key. Once you see the signs, then come back. This is what I really help people do and this is why this book is so useful. This helps you see the signs before going too far down the road. If I had had this card, I might have stopped at the sandals.

What is life like without “Parentamorphosis”?

One has the impression of not feeling so encumbered by the responsibility of owning a home. It’s hiking, it’s scuba diving, it’s learning a new language, it’s traveling to a place you’ve never traveled before. It frees you from being so cluttered to feel so responsible for not only buying a home, but bundling your home and auto insurance.

Do you have any final nuggets of wisdom for potentially at-risk Ad Age readers?

My advice would be not only to buy one copy of the book, but to buy two. Because not only do you have one for you in hand, but you also have one for someone to say hello to them, you are not alone. Often times, we just need to not feel alone. And then a side effect is that I also sell two books.


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