Dorinda Walker explores the complexity of ‘Love & Havoc’ in her fictional debut


SOUTH ORANGE, NJ, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Acclaimed author and marketing executive Dorinda Waker launches his first fiction novel, “love and ravage.” The first episode of her passion and chaos series. This new trilogy explores love stories that have blossomed despite the chaos and violence surrounding the main characters. Dark twists, eroticism and secrets are revealed that test the bonds of family and friendship, with the aim of keeping readers intrigued and eager to learn more.

The New Jersey native is on a mission to inspire others by bringing her zeal for storytelling and dedication to inspiring others. According to Walker, “After the success and accolades of my memoirs”Protected by purpose“I realized there was power in sharing our stories. As an avid reader and content creator, it was a natural progression to focus my talent on writing fictional stories that speak to the power of love, faith and redemption.”

Love & Havoc is an intense erotic drama that explores the darkness associated with drug addiction, sexual trauma, murder and human trafficking. Walker wants readers to consider the complexity of being faced with the choice to commit immoral acts in order to gain power. She also wants readers to understand how blessings can be obtained by relying on the power of love and faith to achieve peace and redemption. This romantic drama is edgy and sophisticated. The twists will leave readers wishing the antagonist was gone while encouraging the love of the main characters to last.

“Dorinda is a talented writer, and her storytelling in ‘Love & Havoc’ provides compelling insights she has drawn from her life experiences. I like the way she tackles dark subject matter, but she is cautious in her approach to humanize the story. True to its nature, it emphasizes the power to turn trials into triumphs.” says dr. Cameka Smithfounder of the BOSS network.

Turn tragedy into triumph

After suffering the devastating loss of her husband and partner of 33 years in May, Walker is determined to find new joy through the art of storytelling. Although surviving life’s hardships is nothing new to Walker. In her early memoir, she recounted how she grew from a rabid young woman with low self-esteem, no moral worth or integrity, and no hope, to a successful, award-winning businesswoman. As a motivational speaker, she is candid about her experience as a high school dropout, drug dealer, sexual promiscuity with much older men, and twice attempted suicide, all before the age of 18. By embracing the process of forgiveness, finding her faith, and putting in the work, she is now a successful entrepreneur, author, and empowerment speaker.

“Trauma is real, and in this book I created diverse, dynamic, and complex characters. I wanted to explore real-life trauma and how our life choices impact our successes or failures. is my way of sharing my perspective on the complexity of the human psyche,” says Walker.

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