DC Universe Infinite Adds Graphic Novels, Features Improved Ultra Level


DC is making changes to its subscription comic book reader app, DC Universe Infinite. Starting Monday, the app will add graphic novels and MAD Magazine titles to the database for all subscribers, and also launch the new Ultra tier, which offers additional benefits including early access to new releases.

Subscribers who sign up for the Ultra tier will have access to new comics one month after physical release, compared to the current tier which allows access after six months. Additionally, Ultra subscribers will receive a free physical comic book when they subscribe, upgrade or renew their membership, starting with an exclusive softcover version of The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition with a cover of Ivan Reis, seen here.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the month-long windowing of industry-leading digital comics with DC Universe Infinite’s Ultra Tier,” said Anne DePies, Senior Vice President and General Manager, DC.

“This new offering is part of DC’s vision to be everywhere our fans are – online and in comic book stores. With a shorter digital release window, fans can enjoy our fantastic new stories, including including Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, anywhere, anytime – while continuing to find the latest issues in comic book stores.”

Starting mid-November, Ultra subscribers can also access over 5,000 titles from Vertigo, DC Black Label and DC Collected Editions.

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The DC Universe Infinite Ultra tier will be available on Monday for a limited-time introductory price of US$99.99 per year in the US, $119.99 CAD in Canada, $134.99 AUD in Australia, $134.99 NZD in New Zealand and £72.99 BPS in the UK plus applicable tax. This price is available until November 28 and will remain valid as long as users’ annual Ultra subscription is in good standing and has not been cancelled.

Additionally, current DC Universe Infinite subscribers upgrade monthly and annual subscriptions to Ultra. Current Annual Members who upgrade will receive a pro-rated refund for the time remaining on their account and then be charged the new price of an Ultra Membership. Their new annual subscription date will begin on the day they upgrade to Ultra.

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