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MARTINSBURG – Local author David Caglarcan is delighted to announce that his second book, “Thrilling Tales,” a collection of suspenseful and sci-fi short stories, is available on Amazon for paperback or online reading. Kindle version online.

Caglarcan’s first book, “Tales from the Odd Side,” also shares the theme of suspense and sci-fi short stories.

Caglarcan is a computer programmer by profession, passionate about suspense and science fiction, and a proud husband and father. He is a former US Air Force officer and graduate of Indiana University.

Both of Caglarcan’s books have five stars on Amazon and were inspired by old-time radio shows and period anthology science fiction and mystery shows, where the story is different every week.

“We had a Ray Bradbury book in my house when I was a kid, and that made me turn to science fiction news,” Caglarcan said. “My writing style is based on all of this. I like stories with a twist.

Available in print and Kindle, Caglarcan’s new book, “Thrilling Tales,” has been published through Amazon Self-Publishing.

“People said it was light reading,” Caglarcan said. “I think people who like this old genre of series will like the book.”

Writing is currently a part-time hobby for Caglarcan, and he said his writing experience dates back to his high school years.

“I wrote for the junior high school literary magazine, took a high school creative writing course, and won a high school drama writing competition for a one-act play,” said Caglarcan. “Then I went to college and kind of forgot about creative writing and focused on other things. In 2009, I sort of took it back as a hobby and also as an outlet. We were faced with many family difficulties. One night I stayed up late and wrote a story.

He said he then sent the story to his immediate family members for feedback, and they gave him positive feedback.

“I got back to writing here and there as a hobby and finally started to take it more seriously, and didn’t take any classes, but found a great book from the Gotham Writers Workshop in New York titled “Writing Fiction”. I used this as a writing guide, ”Caglarcan said. “For a while, I was sending stories to posts, and I was out of luck, and I realized I didn’t have time to do it, because I had very little free time and I preferred to focus on writing. “

He said it wasn’t until his father showed him an article about self-publishing with Kindle books that he began to explore the idea of ​​self-publishing his book.

“In 2015 I released the first one, and back then you could only self-publish on Kindle, you couldn’t self-publish with Amazon with paperback capability. They added that, and for this one, I put it in both formats, ”Caglarcan said. “I went back and did a paperback of the first one as well.”

He said he plans to work on a third book and some stories are already in draft form.

“Having that as a creative outlet has been a good thing. If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you have a little more stress and less time. It’s nice to be able to squeeze into a creative outlet to write, and it’s also the kind of hobby that if you have to give up for a while you can take it back, ”Caglarcan said. “If you have to stop writing for a few weeks, you can come back and pick up where you left off. As long as you don’t give up and persevere, you’ll end up finishing your book.

Caglarcan said there are mostly positives to self-publishing and few negatives.

“I think that’s good. It’s not too hard to do once you figure it out. It allows you to get your stuff out and not have to go through an editor. You have to work harder. to get exposure, but these are mostly pluses and not a lot of minuses, “he said.” My goal is to keep making it a hobby, and someday I may be able to retire from it. computer programming and maybe make it a second career for my twilight years. ”

Caglarcan lives in Martinsburg with his family and said he was grateful for their support for his love of writing and for the feedback they gave him.


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