Dart: Natchez native Kim Granger’s passion is her ministry – Mississippi’s best community newspaper


Natchezian Kim Granger curated books with her mother Mary Ann Granger, adopted niece Krista Brengettsy and goddaughter Ma’Kayla Murray at 22 Woodside Court. Near where the dart landed on Friday morning.

“I invited them for a summer job today,” Kim said. “They help me organize my Christian books. We make gifts for children. They can be anywhere from a baby to a teenager. We hope to cross the neighborhood later in the day to distribute books.

Mission Light is the name of his ministry. Giving books to children is one way for her to share Jesus and his story, she said. A speech-language pathologist and member of the Parkway Baptist Church, she is committed to serving people, especially children, she said.

Books are another of his loves. Mary Ann was a teacher and her daughter Kim was reading by the time she attended kindergarten. Her collection of books to give as a gift has grown to a few hundred, she said.

“It’s just my ministry. I have a heart for children, ”Kim said. “I give them. I’ve had people donate, but I usually find the books myself. I want to be more intentional. I thought about starting a Bible club in the backyard.

When she was a little girl, she said she had an understanding of Jesus and the gospel. Her baptism was when she was seven, she said. It wasn’t until 2017 that she was truly born again and renamed, she said. Since 2017, she said her faith has deepened.

“I pray that I can make a difference,” she said. “I want my house to be welcome for people to come. “

One of the ways she’s making a difference is coaching girls in college. The name of the mentor group is Girls of Virtue. She said she enjoyed spending time getting to know the students personally and being a role model for what it means to have a well-developed character.

As a speech therapist, she works with children to correct their speech. “I love children. They make me smile all the time, ”Kim said.

At the University of Louisiana Monroe, she studied Communication Disorders. Speech therapy was not the first career she had in mind, she said.

“Initially, I wanted to be a vet, to have my practice because I love animals,” Kim said. “I wanted my dad to retire and work for me. He had dogs, horses, owls and goats when I was growing up. I discovered it was too mathematical and scientific for me.

Her father, David Granger Sr., still reads the newspaper in the print or electronic edition, she said.

“I always tease my dad, ‘someday the dart is going to hit you’,” she said. “He always said if the dart landed on him, he wouldn’t.”

Mary Ann typically works in the background of any project she’s working on, Kim said. Her father is also very supportive of her ministry work.

“My mom is my right hand for everything, and so is my dad,” she said. “I am grateful to them because they help me in everything I do. My mom always asks, “What do you want me to do. If I’m working on something, my mom is usually behind me, and sometimes she’s in front of me.


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