Daniel Freedman and CROM bring Dark Fantasy Birdking to Dark Horse



Dark Horse comic announced king of birdsa new dark fantasy graphic novel series from Raiders creators Daniel Freeman and WMRC, with the first volume coming later this year. The comic is described as “an original dark fantasy graphic novel of epic adventure and magic” and is, presumably, about the King of the Birds, wearing a cute little bird crown and holding a small bird scepter. No, wait, it’s more complicated than that. Here is the synopsis of the press release:

Bianca, the teenage apprentice of an infamous arcane blacksmith, is forced to flee her homeland and seek Atlas, a legendary land of light ruled by “the pure god”. She is joined by a mysterious guardian spirit known only as “BirdKing”. Together they will have to defeat dozens of enemies to reach Atlas and along the way unravel the mystery of the BirdKing and their ancestral connection.

Also in the press release, the two creators provided the obligatory citations:

“Birdking has lived in my head for years, invading my thoughts and waiting for the right story that would bring him to life in the only way a wraith of his caliber deserves. Fire, magic, undead champions, necromancers, skulls and big swords , this book has it all. I can’t imagine a better playground to have fun in. I love it. —CROM

“When CROM came to me after Raiders with the Birdking, the whole epic happened in such an organic way that I couldn’t believe it. Our collaboration has never been stronger and even though we really enjoyed our time exploring this vast and distinct fantasy world, we can’t wait for readers to access it and bask in the glory that is Birdking.” —Daniel Freeman

king of birds volume 1 hits stores September 13, 20222 and is available for pre-order at all the usual locations. Check out the cover below:

Birdking Volume 1 cover, by Daniel Freedman and CROM, coming September to Dark Horse
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